‘Good Witch’ Ends With A Look Towards The Future, Breaks Ground For Hallmark Channel

Good Witch
In the series finale, the Merriwick cousins get ready to face the mysterious force putting their family legacy at risk while changes are in store for others. Photo: Sarah Power, Catherine Bell, Katherine Barrell Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Peter Stranks Hallmark Channel

Warning: Spoilers ahead from Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch series finale.

After seven seasons, Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) and the rest of the Good Witch gang said a bittersweet goodbye as the emotional series finale aired on Hallmark Channel on Sunday night.

And while fans may be sad that the show is ending, there’s a lot to celebrate yet—especially those who were shipping #TeamJoey. Not only did Zoey (Kyana Teresa) and Joy (Katherine Barrell) share a sweet kiss tonight, it’s the first same-sex kiss on a Hallmark original series.

More on that after diving into the adventures of the Merriwick cousins—Cassie, Joy, and Abigail (Sarah Power)—who are panicked while trying to figure out what element they’re missing to power the amulet they need to have a fighting chance of beating the mysterious force putting their legacy at risk. After some dream searching, they realize what they need is dirt and that finally puts them on the path of success as the clock inches closer towards midnight.

The trio steps outside ready for war but they know someone and something is missing.

Bailee Madison, who portrayed Cassie’s daughter Grace for the first five seasons, did not return for the finale though Grace did call out for her mother briefly as the Merriwick’s hurriedly figured out their next move while under the red-haloed moon.

Just as the trio begins to lose hope, Joy sees something sparkling on the ground that are pieces from Patience’s amulet. “Fortune must’ve buried it,” Cassie said as she put together the old and new amulet together giving her combined powers to overcome the evil forces.

That did the trick and all was good in the land, leaving everyone ready to celebrate Adam’s (Scott Cavalheiro) wedding to Stephanie (Kylee Evans). After the tearful ceremony, Adam asks his new bride if he can tag along to Paris so they can begin their new journey together. Her gleeful “yes” leads everyone to the dance floor including love birds Cassie and her beloved husband Sam (James Denton). It’s not long before the lovebirds are all alone giving Sam the perfect opportunity to get on one knee.

“Do I have your permission to take you around the world?” he asks before admitting he’s looking to change his workaholic ways.

“I don’t want to look back on our life together and have any regrets,” he continued. “And the biggest one would be if I didn’t spend enough time with you.”

Kyana Teresa

Now back to that special connection between Zoey and Joy that really sparked brightly after the former confessed to the latter that she’d learned how to salsa from Sam as part of a grand gesture towards her. The pair looked intently into each other’s eyes while slaying the dance floor before a kiss sealed the deal.

The biggest question the show will leave in its wake is how #TeamJoey is doing after stepping off the dance floor and out into the real world smitten.

For anyone that was worried about Tom (Paul Miller)—especially poor Martha (Catherine Disher), he’s going to be ok.

The episode wraps as Cassie and Sam bid adieu to their loved ones with only adventures ahead. This could also be a great opportunity for more Good Witch films or a spin-off series should they choose to continue this or any other storylines.

A rep told Deadline on July 9th there are talks happening behind the scenes though no immediate plans for a new movie have been solidified.

“Catherine Bell, James Denton, and Katherine Barrell, among others, are members of the Hallmark Channel family, and we are in discussions on future projects,” they said.

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