Hero Nation Podcast Debut: Did ‘Black Widow’ Really Tank? + ‘Walking Dead’ EP Angela Kang On Final Season, Comic-Con

By Dominic Patten, Anthony D'Alessandro

Hero Nation Podcast

Did Black Widow really get bitten at the box office? Is the zombie apocalypse ending with a whimper, bang or chomp on The Walking Dead? With no big screen Marvel or DC on offer, is another Comic-Con@Home really necessary or just a contractual obligation?

These are pressing questions that inquiring fan minds want to know. Graciously joined by TWD executive producer and showrunner Angela Kang, we have some answers with the launch today of Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast

So suit up and take a listen to the first of our many Hero Nation podcast’s right here:

Hosted by Deadline’s Senior Editor/Chief TV Critic and Editorial Director/Box Office Editor, Hero Nation the podcast aims to double down every week on what’s going on with caped crusaders, swordplay, sci-fi, horror, and everything else in genre multiverse. Adding some spice (obligatory Dune reference there) to the mix, we’ll frequently be joined by earthquake makers and shakers in the sphere to take us BTS and offer a whole new POV.

In that context, TWD’s long time boss Kang obviously fits the bill and more.

Loaded with tales from the AMC series based on the Robert Kirkman created comic, the EP today offers insight into the construction of the 11th and final season of TWD, which is set to premiere on August 22. Or, with a glimpse at the status of the upcoming Reedus and Melissa McBride-led spinoff, as Kang riotously says of TWD universe: “In the writers’ room, it’s a lot of really smart people who are arguing with each other.”

Also, with Hall H regular TWD set to appear at the online Comic-Con@Home on July 24, Kang reveals what the usually San Diego fanfest looks like from where she usually sit — and how much things have changed over the years.

Add to that, our analysis of the performance of the Scarlett Johansson ad Florence Pugh fronted Black Widow and what may really be going on in superpowered Hollywood and you have yourself a party – so take a listen above

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