Remi Adeleke To Host Narrative Special Forces Podcast ‘Down Range’ For Tenderfoot TV & Telegraph Creative

Remi Adeleke
Remi Adeleke Supplied

EXCLUSIVE: Remi Adeleke, the former Navy SEAL who is starring in Amazon’s Terminal List, is to host a narrative documentary podcast about American special forces.

Down Range, which comes from Tenderfoot TV and Telegraph Creative, tells the stories of the men and women who dedicate their lives to defend the U.S, by shining a light on first-person narratives of heroism and sacrifice.

Adeleke, who also featured in Transformers: The Last Knight, is in Michael Bay’s upcoming thriller Ambulance and has a talent holding deal with Nat Geo and Disney for a big adventure series, will co-host with Rich Choppa, a former ballistics exec at Boeing, who spent over 20 years in the U.S. Army who in addition to being a combat veteran of the Panama, Iraq and Balkan conflicts, served in the Pentagon as Russia Country Director.

The series is also being executive produced by Darren McBurnett, 24-year Navy SEAL veteran, author and motivational speaker. Adeleke co-exec produces. The series launches in the fall.

Down Range, using a combination of first-hand narration and immersive sound design, will give listeners an opportunity to hear sounds of real-time war, as bullets whistle overhead and setoff mini-sonic booms just inches away. The series works to help the audience understand what it feels like to silently drop onto battlefields, some of which that the rest of the world never knew existed, and appreciate the courage it takes to risk everything in service of the mission.

Tenderfoot TV, founded by Payne Lindsey and Donald Albright, is the company behind audio series such as Up and Vanished, Monster, Radio Rental and To Live and Die in LA.

“I’ve had the opportunity to tell stories through acting, writing and recently directing, so I’m super excited to stretch my storytelling muscles in this new, for me, and innovative way. Many thanks to Donald Albright and his stellar team at Tenderfoot TV for extending this partnership to me,” said Adeleke.

“I’m excited to help tell the stories of some of America’s heroes and bring a heightened sense of awareness to the sacrifices being made to protect and defend the freedoms we all enjoy. The immersive sound design and creative storytelling of Tenderfoot TV and Telegraph is going to bring these stories to life in a powerful way,” added Rich Choppa.

Adeleke is repped by APA.

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