Cannes Doc Pair To Stream For Free; Venice Gap-Financing Market Includes Wim Wenders Project – Festival Briefs

Morceaux de Cannes
Pieces of Cannes Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Titles To Stream Online
A pair of documentaries selected for this year’s Cannes Classics program will screen for free on the festival’s website and on the Cine+ Dailymotion platform as of this evening (July 2) from 7pm local time. The two films, both just shy of one hour in length, are Daphné Baiwir’s The Rebellious Olivia de Havilland, a portrait of the famed actress who was the first female president of the Cannes jury in 1965, and Emmanuel Barnault’s Pieces Of Cannes, a look at the French festival’s 74-year history. The films will be available until July 4 at 10pm local time.

Venice Gap Financing Projects
Venice Film Festival has revealed the 30 projects that will take part in its Gap-Financing Market during this year’s industry-focused Production Bridge, running September 1-11. The event will offer filmmaking teams one-on-one meetings with international decision-makers. Among the selected titles are The Secret Of Places, a new documentary from Palme d’Or winner Wim Wenders, The Year I Started Masturbating, a fiction project from Erika Wasserman, who was an executive producer on Border, and a feature doc about Egyptian actor Omar Sharif. The full list of projects is below:

¡CAIGAN LAS ROSAS BLANCAS! fiction (Argentina, Brasil, France) by Albertina Carri, Gentil Cine
A ROOSTER ON THE FIRE ESCAPE fiction (France, Haiti) by Guetty Felin, Aldabra Films
AFFRONTER L’OBSCURITÉ documentary (France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Germany) by Jean-Gabriel Periot, Alter Ego Production
ALLAH N’EST PAS OBLIGÉ animation (France, Luxembourg, Belgium) by Zaven Najjar, Special Touch Studios
ÅRET JAG BÖRJADE ONANERA (The Year I Started Masturbating) fiction (Sweden) by Erika Wasserman, Gimme A Break, AB
ASHKAL (Tunisia, France, The Netherlands) by Youssef Chebbi, Supernova Films
AU CIMETIÈRE DE LA PELLICULE documentary (France, Senegal, Guinea), by Thierno Souleymane Diallo, L’image d’après
BIRTHMARK fiction (India, Luxembourg, Denmark, France, Norway) by Aditya Vikram Sengupta, For Films
BUFIS fiction (Kenya, Germany) by Mahad Ahmed and Vincenzo Cavallo, Cultural Video Production, Unafilm
BUTIKEN (The Store) fiction/animation (Italy, Sweden, Norway) by Hanna Sköld, Indyca
EL REPARTIDOR ESTÁ EN CAMINO documentary (Argentina, Portugal), by Martín Rejtman, Un Puma
ELECTRIC CHILD fiction (Switzerland, Germany) by Simon Jaquemet, 8horses GmbH
FLOATING fiction (The Netherlands, Belgium) by Quirine Racké and Helena Muskens, Family Affair Films
HALISSA fiction (Israel) by Sophie Artus, Deadline Production, July August Productions
HOLLY fiction (Belgium, The Netherlands, France) by Fien Troch, Prime Time
KABUL MELODY documentary (Afghanistan, France) by Sarah Mani, Afghanistan Dochhouse
KIPKEMBOI fiction (Canada, Kenya) by Hubert Davis, New Real Films
LA PIEL PULPO fiction (Ecuador, Mexico, Greece, Germany) by Ana Cristina Barragán, Caleidoscopio Cine
LOS ANGELES fiction/animation (Chile) by Joaquin Cociña and Cristóbal León, Globo Rojo Films
LOS COLONOS fiction (Chile, France, Denmark, Argentina) by Felipe Gálvez, Quijote Films
MAJKA MARA (Mother Mara) fiction (Serbia, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina) by Mirjana Karanovic, This and That Productions
NON MORIRÒ DI FAME fiction (Italy, Canada, Poland) by Umberto Spinazzola, La Sarraz Pictures
PAMFIR fiction (Ukraine, France, Poland, Chile) by Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk, Bosonfilm
PLAN 75 fiction (Japan, France, The Philippines) by Chie Hayakawa, Loaded Films Ltd.
RETOUR EN ALEXANDRIE fiction (Switzerland) by Tamer Ruggli, Tipi’mages Productions
SEM CORAÇÃO fiction (Brazil, France, Germany) by Nara Normande and Tião, Les Valseurs
SHENREN ZHI JIA (A Holy Family) documentary (Taiwan, France) by Elvis A-Liang Lu, Volos Films Ltd.
THE LIFE AND TIMES OF OMAR SHARIF (WORKING TITLE) documentary (Sweden, Egypt, United Kingdom) by Axel Petersén and Mark Lotfy, Fedra
THE SECRET OF PLACES documentary (Germany, Switzerland, Norway) by Wim Wenders, Road Movies
THE SILENT TREATMENT fiction (Belgium, The Netherlands, Hungary) by Caroline Strubbe, Minds Meet

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