Nancy Pelosi Announces Select Committee To Investigate Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday said that a select committee will be formed to investigate the Jan. 6 riot and attack on the Capitol, after a proposal to create an independent bipartisan commission was blocked by Senate Republicans.

“The timeline will be as long as it takes for them, the time they need for the investigation of the causes of this,” Pelosi said of the committee.

The panel, she said, will look at the root causes of the Capitol siege, in which pro-Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, ransacked offices and went on the hunt for lawmakers, who were in the midst of affirming the electoral vote result in favor of Joe Biden.

Pelosi also said that the panel will examine security at the Capitol “and what it means to be ready for such an insurrection.”

Five deaths were attributed to the siege that day, and more than 100 police officers were injured as they tried to stop the angry mobs from entering the Capitol and, eventually, the House and Senate chambers.

Pelosi said that it would be preferable to have an outside commission, as was done after 9/11, but blamed Republicans for rejecting that idea even after Democrats made numerous concessions. The select committee will have to pass a House vote.

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