Michael J Fox & Denis Leary Discuss Writing TV Together As ‘Back To The Future’ Star Picks Up Lifetime Achievement Award At ATX


Michael J Fox and Denis Leary are old friends who worked together on FX’s Rescue Me, which Fox has called one of his favorite roles of his career.

The two pals got together over Zoom, ostensibly to celebrate the Family Ties and Back to the Future star picking up a lifetime achievement award at the ATX Festival.

But it was more of a look at two pals gassing about how much they love television.

Leary revealed that the pair were planning to write together.

“I’m glad they’re giving you a f*cking lifetime achievement award and I’m proud of you and I hope you’re proud but it makes me smile because I know you have all this other shit you’re going to do, and have all of these other stories you have to tell,” he said. “You and I have been personally talking about developing new ideas for television series, not for us to star in, for us to write. You’ve had such a long lifetime in front of the cameras and telling stories but I know there’s so much more sh*t left.”

“Usually they give people lifetime achievement awards because they’re going off in to the sunset but we’re not going anywhere,” he added.

Fox joked that he wouldn’t want to be clapped off the stage after thanking his mother. “When I’m watching an awards show and they give a lifetime achievement award, I tend to slip out,” he said.

This comes after Fox revealed in his latest memoir No Time Like The Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality that he had retired from acting.

Fox talked about the second chapter of his career, after breaking out in Family Ties and Back To The Future, with roles on The Good Wife, Designated Survivor and the Spike Lee-produced See You Yesterday, as well as Rescue Me and his own short-lived NBC comedy The Michael J Fox Show.

He said he “pigged out” on television because of the writing.

“The quality of the writing now is just crazy, the best writers are writing for television in comedy and drama. It’s amazing what’s going on in television, and that’s been a real change because it used to be the poor stepchild to film,” he said.

“I thought that people see a wheelchair or see someone with a disability on television and the music gets soft and hazy and then the guy is struggling with some mundane task, trying to conquer this thing, like me trying to put a ball on a tee on a golf course, and then they finally do it and the music rises to crescendo [but] handicapped people can be assholes too. Handicapped people can be jerks and manipulative, and so it was fun to play one.”

During the hour-long conversation, Fox also revealed that he was a big fan of international dramas such as UK series Collateral, which starred Carey Mulligan, and Norwegian drama Occupied.

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