Trevor Noah To Take Two-Month Summer Hiatus With ‘The Daily Show’ Returning In September With “New Look & Feel”

Trevor Noah The Daily Show
Trevor Noah on 'The Daily Show' Comedy Central via Twitter

Is Trevor Noah going back to the studio in September? Possibly.

Comedy Central has revealed that The Daily Show will have a “brand new look and feel” from September 13 but was cryptic as to whether Noah would leave his cubby hole in his apartment and return to the studio. The Daily Show is the last of the nightly shows to return to the studio.

What is clear is that Noah is taking a slightly longer summer hiatus – ala Jimmy Kimmel.

The South African will begin his summer hiatus on Friday June 18 with the show returning September 13. This is longer than his usual two-break break in previous years.

It brings him in line with Kimmel, who negotiated a longer summer break off from his ABC show in his last contract.

The network said that the show would continue to air new and original content from the news team including field packages, sketches and explainers during the break.

The move comes after Noah said that he had a “few surprises” in store when he and his team finally return to the studio.

In an FYC conversation with Arsenio Hall, Noah said, “As for going back to the studio, I have a few surprises as to what that will look like. I’m working on a few things with the team, and we’re really excited because I want it to be intentional. People always say, ‘When are you going back?’ I’m never going back, I’m only moving forward.”

The hoodie-clad late-night host added that he may never return to putting on a suit as well. “I might never put on the suit or the shoes or whatever. I don’t know. This is who I am. I think the pandemic has stripped a lot of people of that pomp and ceremony. I think it’s a good thing. We see each other a little bit more. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to the suits and the leather shoes. If I do, I do. If I don’t, I don’t — but I will no longer think this is something I have to do.”

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