UTA Signs Anti-Defamation League As Anti-Semitism & Other Hate Crimes Rise Across U.S.

UTA Anti-Defamation League

EXCLUSIVE: As Los Angeles reels from a violent and specifically organized attack on Jewish men dining on La Brea last week, UTA has become the first talent and entertainment company to represent the Anti-Defamation League.

“Amid a resurgence of extremism and hate in this country, the work of ADL has never been more important, and there is a deep yearning among many of my UTA colleagues and across this industry to stand up and make a difference,” agency co-president Jay Sures told Deadline on Wednesday.

“ADL’s goal is a world in which no group or individual suffers from bias, discrimination or hate,” Sures added. “UTA’s focus will be on expanding the scale and impact of ADL’s work through partnerships with entertainment and technology platforms, as well as industry leaders and talent. Together we will stand against hate, ignorance and bigotry in all its forms.”

The two organizations have actually been in talks for weeks, I hear.

Still, ADL signing with UTA does follow the former releasing findings last week of a surge in anti-Semitic vitriol online and nearly 200 real-world incidents since the latest clash between Israel and Hamas militants began earlier this month. “ADL has also seen an increase at times in on-the-ground activity that demonized Israel and that has crossed at times into anti-Semitism,” the report noted.

A U.S.-backed and Egypt-brokered cease fire went into effect May 19 and seems to be holding in the turbulent region amidst a flurry of public and private diplomatic activity.

In practical terms, the UTA Marketing division, along with a variety of execs and agents from various departments, will assist the more than a century-old ADL in its work against anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry and hate in society. The strategic work with UTA will be specific but not limited to messaging in and with the technology, entertainment and media industries.

UTA Marketing, the corporate advisory and brand marketing unit of the superagency, consults with a wide range of brand clients including Google, General Motors, Coty, Delta Air Lines, General Mills, LinkedIn, Lyft, P&G and Piaggio among others.

“The creative community plays an incredibly important role in the hearts and minds of the American people,” says said ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt of the arrangement with UTA.

“Stories can drive us apart or help bring us together,” he added. “We are excited to have a partner with whom we can advocate effectively and powerfully within the entertainment and technology industries. UTA will be a very important strategic partner as we expand our work with entertainment, media and technology stakeholders and stand shoulder to shoulder with communities of color who face continuous surges of violence and hate, as well.”

It should be noted that the ADL has worked in the past few months, before the latest unrest in the Middle East, with the likes of the Committee of 100 to combat ant-Asian xenophobia and hateful assaults that have surged during the coronavirus pandemic. The ADL has also helped raise more than $1 billion for the recently founded Asian American Foundation for AAPI causes.

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