‘Coded For Inclusion’: Staff Me Up Partners With Color Of Change & More To Elevate Underrepresented Crew Members Via Expanded Hiring Platform

Staff Me Up
Staff Me Up

Leading industry hiring platform Staff Me Up has launched Coded for Inclusion, an initiative set on opening the doors for underrepresented groups—from the LGBTQ+ communities to people with disabilities—to jobs in media.

Via an enhanced algorithm, Staff Me Up’s expanded production hiring platform seeks to disrupt biased hiring practices, which have gotten in the way of true equity and diversity in the industry. At the same time, the initiative looks to ensure that studios and production houses have a direct pipeline to candidates of diverse backgrounds, and that there is transparency regarding available job opportunities.

The disruptive initiative, endorsed by Color of Change, is also backed by an alliance of #ChangeHollywood supporters, including Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society Fellowship, AMC Networks, Endeavor Content, and Bree Frank’s Hue You Know.

Phase One of the Staff Me Up platform’s expansion will focus on cultivating opportunity within the U.S., in the spheres of scripted film and television. The expanded platform will roll out, in subsequent phases, in Canada and Europe. Staff Me Up has enrolled more than 100,000 crew members from historically underrepresented communities to date, and has developed a unique set of DEI tools, which make the company well suited to pave the way toward a more inclusive Hollywood.

“For the past 18 years, Staff Me Up has been a pillar in the unscripted community. And as we continue to transform, we hope to be a catalyst that dismantles the default and transforms how hiring is done in the industry,” said Daniel Rosenberg, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances, Staff Me Up. “It is our goal with this partnership to further the successes for people from historically underrepresented groups in both scripted and unscripted production.”

“To accelerate the pace of change, we need to accelerate the pace of building the infrastructure of change,” added Amity Paye, leader of the #ChangeHollywood initiative at Color Of Change. “This job matching platform has the potential to break the cycles of discriminatory hiring in the industry, providing the infrastructure that hiring managers need to make good on their parent companies’ commitments to achieving diversity and equity in the industry. That diversity not only affects the people working in the industry, but it affects the content the industry produces, which influences people all over the world.”

Further details on the mission of Coded for Inclusion, and its supporters, are outlined below:

  • Diversity and Inclusion — dismantling the system and rewriting the rules of hiring, in service of a fairer, less insular and more equitable and diverse industry:
       -Staff Me Up works alongside media companies as an effective mechanism to expand reach and deliver on their diversity commitments.
       -The platform ensures fair distribution of job opportunities that have traditionally been hidden behind an exclusive veil.
       -Job seekers from historically underrepresented backgrounds are directly invited to apply for open positions on the platform.
  • Empowerment and Efficiency — the platform caters to the speed and adeptness required in Hollywood:
      -Staff Me Up is a two-way street empowering both job seekers to find job openings in their area of expertise and to put themselves forward for opportunities, and employers to proactively search, discover, and reach out to talent.
      -Job seekers will receive instant work alerts with the ability to apply immediately, indicating they are both interested and available.
      -Staff Me Up supports below-the-line and above-the-line talent, including tools for agents and managers.
  • Accountability – commitment to being transparent in hiring practices. If the postings are visible, so is the effort and ultimately the impact:
     -The platform is expanding its Diversity and Inclusion analytics for production companies and studios to measure progress in their commitment to diversity as it relates to their hiring practices.

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