‘Younger’s Sutton Foster & Darren Star Reflect On Ageism Tale’s Final Season: It’s “Very Bittersweet” – Contenders TV


MTV Entertainment Studios’ hit series Younger is in its final season with the story of Liza (Sutton Foster), a woman who lies about her age to get back into the world of publishing after taking a long break to raise her daughter.

Creator and executive producer Darren Star, appearing with Foster at Deadline’s Contenders Television awards-season event, said of the Paramount+ series’ swan song this season, “The one thing we really wanted to deliver was satisfying endings for all our characters, because we’ve got such a great ensemble, starting with Sutton Foster.”

Leaving Liza behind is “very bittersweet” for Foster, though.

“It’s been seven years of my life and I’ve grown up so much too, parallel to her journey,” she said. “It was a real pleasure to pay her and to play a character that was hopeful and optimistic. The environment of the show was just infused with so much love and respect, and it was a very special place to work. I’ll miss that so much.”

Foster also said she had found the storyline personally relatable. “I was 39, I think, when we shot the pilot, so I was on the cusp of 40 and now I’m 46. … It was an interesting thing, dealing with it, being older in my life, playing this character who was facing it head-on. But then yet again, grateful to Darren Star for creating a show that celebrates women of all ages, and that was so important. In this last season especially, Liza’s age was irrelevant and that was incredibly freeing.”

Star added: “Universally, it’s a story about ageism in general, and for me, I could relate to it, because I suddenly I wasn’t the young guy anymore. I was the older generation, wondering, ‘Who are these millennials?’ I felt like it was something that I was dealing with in my own life as well.”

Check out the conversation in the video above.

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