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The Kominsky Method

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner became a new-age version of Tracy and Hepburn by virtue of their screen team-ups in Romancing the Stone, Jewel of the Nile and The War of the Roses.

In the second season of The Kominsky Method they were reunited again, however briefly, in an episode of the hit Netflix comedy series. When co-star Alan Arkin left the show before the third and final season, creator Chuck Lorre and Douglas decided to ask Turner to take on a greater role and return as Douglas character Sandy’s salty ex-wife. It was a no brainer as Douglas explained to me during the Netflix virtual panel session at Deadline’s Contenders Television awards-season event.

“Because she killed it in her one scene we had together from last year, she was so good, and I think Chuck just saw the possibilities,” Douglas said. “You know how wonderful she is and just you know the chemistry. It’s a rare thing and really nice and so, I was just so happy to see how much Chuck enjoyed it, and Kathleen’s performance has been such a strong part of our final year. She just did a great job.”

Turner was all in. “I have to say that Chuck’s writing — and thank you very much Michael for what you said — Chuck’s writing is so good. So, precise, that the performance is there in terms of rhythms and oh, juxtaposition of timing and lines, and it’s just a joy to do,” she said.

“I honestly didn’t know what closure meant for the show until I actually sat down last June, I guess. May/June, and started writing,” said Lorre of reuniting the pair. “What came out was this restoration of a relationship between two people who loved each other very much many, many, years ago, and the reconciliation between Sandy and Roz, Kathleen and Michael’s characters, and also a dream fulfilled that I just thought was wonderful for Michael’s character, to wrestle with what happens when your dreams come true, and the fear that goes with that.”

Check out the conversation in the video above.

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