‘Below Deck’ Cold Water Series, ‘Summer House’ Winter Spinoff, Dick Wolf Unscripted Crime Series & Jason Biggs Game Show Lead NBCU Cable Lineup

NBC Cable
Below Deck & Summer House NBCU

NBCUniversal is going big to prove that cable still has a future in a streaming world.

The company has unveiled 33 new originals, a number of which have previously been announced and revealed by Deadline, as part of a mega order book across Bravo, E!, Oxygen, Syfy and USA Network.

A new spinoff of Below Deck, as revealed by Deadline last month, a winter spinoff of Summer House, a Dick Wolf-exec produced unscripted crime series and a Jason Biggs game show are some of the highlights of the orders, which are dominated by non-scripted programming.

Bravo’s Below Deck Adventure is set in in the glacial fjords of Norway and will premiere in early 2022, Summer House Winter Charm, the Bravo reality series’ first spinoff, will come this fall and Jason Biggs’ Cash at Your Door, produced by the team behind Cash Cab, has been ordered by E!

Other non-scripted series include Final Moments, a non-scripted crime series from Dick Wolf for Oxygen, and Love Without Borders, from Kinetic Content, which Deadline teased last month.

On the scripted side, in addition to the previously announced Chucky, which will air on Syfy and USA Network, Syfy’s Day of the Dead and the Nash Bridges revival movie starring Don Johnson for USA Network, the company has ordered original movies including Bring It On: Halloween, Astrid & Lilly Save The World and Slumber Party Massacre for Syfy.

All of this comes as streaming, including the launch of NBCU’s own Peacock, has slightly taken the wind out of the sails of cable with much speculation about the future of a number of long-running cable brands.

“A key driver of success at NBCUniversal’s cable networks is our ability to tap into the scope and scale of our collective portfolio while leveraging each brand’s distinct audience to build unrivaled fan destinations across our networks and on Peacock,” said Frances Berwick, Chairman, Entertainment Networks, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “Our cable networks represent a vital part of our business and we will continue to invest in our brands and IP in innovative ways, whether that be through mixing live sports and big event series on USA, introducing a new host to E!’s flagship Red Carpet, or bringing our addictive Bravo shows to life with fan experiences, our networks remain the home of culture-defining television.”

“With more than 40 new series and specials across the cable networks, our content team has been firing on all cylinders to ensure our brands are at the center of destination viewing,” continued Susan Rovner, Chairman, Entertainment Content, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “Our high-profile competition shows, spinoffs of fan favorite franchises and much-anticipated scripted originals super-serve existing fans while also enticing new ones.”

Cable Network Orders:


Below Deck Adventure – Premieres early 2022
This new series takes wealthy thrill-seekers on the mega-yacht trip of a lifetime to experience thrilling YOLO adventures and daredevil activities all against some of the world’s most beautiful backdrops. Season 1 will be set in the glacial fjords of Norway where charter guests will dog sled, heli ski and cold-water plunge their way through the day, dine on freshly caught seafood straight from the Scandinavian waters in the evening, and still get all steamed up in the hot tub by night. The exacting expectations of high-end luxury coupled with the physical demands of cold-weather adventures will push the crew to new heights and unparalleled pressures that makes this new series one-of-a-kind. Produced by Shed Media with Lisa Shannon and Dan Peirson serving as executive producers. Mark Cronin is also set to executive produce, along with Grace Lee serving as showrunner and executive producer.

Kandi OLG Project (WT) – Premieres late 2021
In this new occu-series, we’ll watch as Kandi, Todd and the Old Lady Gang (comprised of Mama Joyce, and Aunts Nora & Bertha) continue to build their restaurant empire while keeping their over-the-top and opinionated staff in line and making their vision come to fruition. The new series follows the staff in and out of the restaurant, witnessing how workplace slights bleed into their social lives. Everyone at OLG has a passion – be it for dancing, comedy or just to follow in Kandi’s mogul footsteps, and these dreams can get in the way of running food and ensuring customers don’t leave those dreaded one-star Yelp reviews. And the fact that some are single and constantly flirting with the cute clientele – and each other – doesn’t exactly help things either. It’s a monumental task to face, but if anyone can do it, it’s Kandi!  Produced by Truly Original with Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker serving as executive producers.

Life is a Ballroom (WT) – Premieres late 2021
Professional Amateur dancing is the fastest growing division of ballroom dance in the world. In this sport, known as Pro-Am, amateur dancers pay professional dance partners to compete with them in competitions around the country each week. From the producers of “90 Day Fiancé,” this access driven docuseries will follow and intercut the stories of the most fascinating, talented and obsessed ballroom amateur dancers in the country. Produced by Sharp Entertainment with Matt Sharp and Dan Adler serving as executive producers.

Love Match Atlanta (WT) – Premieres early 2022
This all-new series explores Atlanta’s most highly regarded Black matchmaking companies as they utilize distinct methodology, charm and skill to find a match for some of the city’s most eligible and demanding singles. Celebrating the business of Black love, the series follows these matchmakers and their teams as they work to outmaneuver their competitors, matching high profile singles who are on the hunt for the ultimate relationship and willing to pay top dollar for it. Produced by Matador Content, a Boat Rocker Company, with Todd Lubin and Jay Peterson serving as executive producers.

Love Without Borders (WT) – Premieres mid-2022
Singles dream of escaping their everyday lives to find their soulmate by risking everything for a chance at love with a stranger, in a strange land. Participants will leave their jobs, homes, possessions and families behind, but they don’t know where in the world they’re going or who they’ll meet, all in the name of love. Produced by Kinetic Content with Chris Coelen, Eric Detwiler, Karrie Wolfe and Katie Griffin serving as executive producers.

Summer House Winter Charm – Premieres this fall
When the temperature drops, the drama heats up! This all-new series follows some of Bravo’s favorite “Summer House” and “Southern Charm” cast members and their friends during a two-week vacation at a ski house in Vermont. Produced by Truly Original with Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Jamie Jakimo, Maggie Langtry and Trish Gold serving as executive producers.


Clash of the Cover Bands (WT) – Premieres this fall
Jimmy Fallon will executive produce “Clash of the Cover Bands (WT),” a new music competition series on E!. In each episode, two bands of similar musical genre (e.g. Pop Divas, Boy Bands, Heavy Metal etc.) go head-to-head to see which band delivers the most impressive cover performance for a chance to win a cash prize and bragging rights. Clash of the Cover Bands (WT) is produced by Universal Television Alternative Studio, a division of Universal Studio Group, and Electric Hotdog with Jimmy Fallon and Jim Juvonen serving as executive producers.

Jason Biggs Cash at Your Door – Premieres this fall
From the producers of “Cash Cab” comes this new game show, hosted by Jason Biggs, that comes to you, in your very own home, when you least expect it. Because who doesn’t want to win cash without leaving the house? Produced by Lion Television with Jason Biggs, Allison Corn, Tony Tackaberry, Stan Hsue and Adam Dolgins serving as executive producers, with the format by Ami Amir. The format was created by Matar and is distributed by All3Media.

Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules (WT) – Premieres early 2022
Eight celebrity offspring come together to live and work as ranch hands for four weeks in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, hoping to prove to themselves, their parents, and the world that they are more than their last names. Each episode throws the cast into fish-out-of-water situations and hilarious misadventures as they work to restore and reopen Saddleback Ranch to the public after a year of shutdown and loss due to the pandemic. Produced by Fremantle with Kevin Lee, Justin Berfield, Jason Felts, Joe Simpson and Angela Rae Berg serving as executive producers.

Showbiz Moms & Dads – Premieres early 2022
From the Emmy-winning producers of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “Million Dollar Listing,” Bravo’s classic series “Showbiz Moms & Dads” is coming to E! with all-new bigger-than-life parents of budding stars. This time around, these talented kids are not just dancers, actors, models and musicians… but are social media influencers with new content platforms with millions of followers. And stage parents are more competitive than ever before. Produced by World of Wonder with Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato and Tom Campbell serving as executive producers.

We Got Love Iman & Teyana – Premieres this fall
This refreshingly authentic and completely unfiltered new docu-series follows Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert as they take the world by storm, all while juggling music, fashion, business and family. With their tight entourage of family and friends, Teyana and Iman are ready to continue building their empire, despite the whirlwind chaos and drama that goes along with it. Produced by STX Unscripted with Jason Goldberg, Teyana Taylor, Iman Shumpert, Shanta Conic, Michelle Kongkasuwan and Ailee O’Neil serving as executive producers.


911 Crisis Center – Premieres this fall
This one-of-a-kind documentary series brings viewers behind-the-scenes of the fast-paced, high-stakes world of a dynamic 911 call center outside of Cleveland. This is an up-close and personal look at an amazing team of 911 dispatchers as they take on a never-ending bombardment of panic-stricken callers, and save lives. These dedicated professionals really are the unsung heroes of law enforcement. Produced by Shed Media with Dan Peirson, Lisa Shannon and Adam Kassen serving as executive producers.

Alaska Man Murders (WT) – Premieres this fall
Investigating homicide cases is hard. Investigating homicide cases in Alaska is even harder. “Alaska Man Murders (WT)” explores the darkness that lurks within America’s Last Frontier. Isolation, extreme weather, challenging terrain and other unique factors make for cases that can be incredibly difficult to crack. These are the stories of investigators who succeeded despite the odds. Produced by RIVR Media with Dee Haslam, Lori Styer and Myles Reiff serving as executive producers.

Family Massacre – Premieres late 2021
Family Massacre is a gripping and powerful exploration of some of the most ruthless murders ever committed. This series follows the true and gruesome tales of the unthinkable: multiple members of the same family slain in cold blood. In each episode, we hear from friends and surviving relatives, those people closest to the family that was massacred, while also detailing the work of the dedicated investigators and prosecutors tasked with finding their killer and bringing them to justice. Through first-hand accounts, archival footage and cinematic recreations, we see the twists and turns of the investigation unfold and delve deep into who could have committed such a shocking crime and just how they were caught and made to answer for it. Produced by Renegade 83 with David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe and Chris Rowe serving as Executive Producers.

Final Moments – Premieres early 2022
This all-new series delves into heart-wrenching crimes, revealing the emotional truth of the victims leading up to their death.  Each episode tracks a new investigation and features real footage, pictures and social media posts that shed light on the life of the victim and the crime. What were they doing?  What might they have been thinking and feeling? What was their Final Moment? Produced by Dick Wolf’s Wolf Entertainment and ITV America’s Good Caper Content with Dick Wolf, Tom Thayer, Kathryn Vaughan, Jordana Hochman and Tim McConville serving as executive producers.

The Girl Who Lived (WT) – Two-hour special premieres this fall
From Executive Producer Elizabeth Smart, “The Girl Who Lived (WT)” tells the story of Kara Robinson: abducted in broad daylight from a friend’s front yard, the 15-year-old is held captive and sexually assaulted for 18 harrowing hours. When she bravely engineers her own escape and leads authorities to her assailant’s apartment, they uncover a series of crimes far darker and more deadly than anyone ever imagined. Produced by Marwar Junction Productions and Entertainment One with Elizabeth Smart, Kara Robinson Chamberlain, Allison Berkley, Joseph Freed, Tara Long, Geno McDermott and Carolyn Blackstone-Day serving as executive producers.

New York Homicide – Premieres early 2022
This all-new series dives deep into some of the worst murder cases in the city’s recent history. Each hour-long, self-contained episode lets viewers bear witness to the tragedy, the trauma, and the triumph of New Yorkers in the face of Gotham City’s worst crimes. With exclusive access to former and current detectives, investigators guide viewers through their most complex cases, while the victim’s loved ones recount the ongoing emotional impact. Archival material and dramatic re-creations immerse the audience in the twists and turns of these unforgettable capers. New York Homicide. Real cases. Real victims. Real heroes. Real New Yorkers. Produced by ITV America’s Good Caper Content with Kathryn Vaughan, Jordana Hochman, Brain DeCubellis and Diane and Michele Warshay serving as executive producers.

The Real Murders of Atlanta – Premieres early 2022
The Real Murders of Atlanta portrays the shocking, sinful and salacious cases of homicide that highlight the boundaries between gentrified Southern dynasties, hip hop hustlers and the flashy nouveau riche of this metropolitan mecca of music, entertainment and tech. It’s the dark side of the New South, where deadly battles for status and affluence emerge between those who are willing to kill for the good life and those willing to kill to keep it. Produced by 44 Blue Productions with Stephanie Drachkovitch, David Hale, Dan Snook and Robert Wise serving as Executive Producers.

Relationship Killer with Faith Jenkins (WT) – Premieres early 2022
This true Crime series delves into jaw-droppingly evil stories of love that sours, and break-ups that turn downright murderous. Hosted by Divorce Court’s presiding judge, Faith Jenkins, these twisted tales of relationships gone bad show what happens when breaking up means only one thing: someone has to die. Produced by Texas Crew Productions and Faith in Justice Productions with David Karabinas, Mary Bissell and Brad Bernstein serving as executive producers for Texas Crew, and Faith Jenkins serving as executive producer for Faith in Justice.

Snapped Notorious: The Cleveland Strangler – Two-Hour Special Premieres this Fall
For over two years, the Cleveland Strangler murdered eleven women and lived with their bodies decomposing inside his house. Five women managed to escape from his attacks and share details about the terror they experienced inside his house of horrors. Produced by Catalina Content with Jeff Collins, Deborah Allen and Russell Heldt serving as executive producers.

Snapped Notorious: Happy Face Killer – Two-Hour Special Premieres this Fall
The man known as the Happy Face Killer viciously strangled 8 women and dumped their bodies along the road. Crime novelist, M William Phelps, shares rare on-camera interviews and never-heard-before chilling recordings with the psychopathic killer. Produced by Catalina Content with Jeff Collins, Deborah Allen, Russell Heldt and M. William Phelps serving as executive producers.

Snapped Notorious: River Valley Killer – Two-Hour Special Premieres this Fall
From 1993 to 2000, the quiet community of Fort Smith, Arkansas was terrorized by a twisted serial killer, a deranged necrophiliac who targeted elderly and vulnerable women. He became known as The River Valley Killer. Produced by Catalina Content with Jeff Collins, Deborah Allen and Russell Heldt serving as executive producers.

The Toolbox Killer – Two-Hour Special Premieres this Fall
In his own words, America’s most sadistic serial killer describes his 1979 killing spree in this 2-hour documentary. Known as “The Toolbox Killer,” Lawrence Bittaker was silent about his crimes for 40 years, until he met investigator Laura Brand. Over the course of five years, Brand recorded her many conversations with Bittaker as he spoke from death row about his methods and motives, providing unique insights into the mind of a criminal sadist. Produced by Mike Mathis Productions with Mike Mathis, Matthew Testa and Laura Brand serving as executive producers.

Twisted Killers – Premieres Early 2022
The most baffling cases. The most bizarre killers. What drives acts of evil? “Twisted Killers” tells the shocking stories of some of America’s darkest, most unusual murderers. Along the way, a trio of criminal experts, including former NYC DA Beth Karas, retired LAPD Homicide Detective Tracey Benjamin and Forensic Psychologist Kate Termini, provide insight and expertise on how these twisted killers were brought to justice. Produced by ITN Productions with Bruce Kennedy and Ian Russell serving as executive producers.

Untitled Carolyn Warmus Project (WT) – Special Event Series Premieres Early 2022
This true crime limited series exposes new theories about the “Fatal Attraction Killer,” a case named for its similarity to the blockbuster film centered around a woman who becomes obsessed with her married lover. After spending 27 years in prison for the crime, Carolyn Warmus is speaking for the first time since her release. The three-hour series aims to untangle the twisted web of sex, lies and deceit that defined the infamous case. Produced by Entertainment One (eOne) and Bee Holder Productions with Tara Long, Geno McDermott, Ben Megargel and Lorri Leighton serving as executive producers for Entertainment One (eOne), and Steve Lee Jones serving as executive producer for Bee Holder Productions.


Astrid & Lilly Save the World – Premieres in 2022
When outcast high school BFFs Astrid & Lilly accidentally crack open a portal to a terrifying monster dimension, they have to figure out how to save the world, if they can survive high school. Produced by Blue Ice Pictures with Lance Samuels, Daniel Iron and Armand Leo serving as executive producers. Noelle Stehman and Betsy Van Stone wrote the pilot and will also serve as executive producers.

Bring It On: Halloween (WT) – All-new original movie premieres in 2022
Held down by restrictive rules, an embattled cheerleading squad seeks the freedom of a creepy, closed school gym to practice for regionals, but when members of the squad start to disappear, the cheerleaders must unmask their assailant to save themselves. Produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment, “Bring It On: Halloween (WT)” will be released on non-theatrical platforms in 2022. Universal 1440 Entertainment is a production arm of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group (UFEG).

Chucky – Premieres on Syfy and USA this fall
After a vintage Chucky doll turns up at a suburban yard sale, an idyllic American town is thrown into chaos as a series of horrifying murders begin to expose the town’s hypocrisies and secrets. Meanwhile, the arrival of enemies — and allies — from Chucky’s past threatens to expose the truth behind the killings, as well as the demon doll’s untold origins, as a seemingly ordinary child who somehow became this notorious monster. Produced by UCP, the series will be executive produced by creator Don Mancini, David Kirschner, and Nick Antosca via his banner Eat the Cat, through his overall deal with the studio. Alex Hedlund and Harley Peyton will also serve as executive producers. Mancini, who penned the film franchise, will also write the adaptation, serve as showrunner and direct the first episode.

Day of the Dead – Premieres this Fall
Day of the Dead is the intense story of six strangers trying to survive the first 24 hours of an undead invasion. This ode to George A. Romero’s famous flesh-eaters reminds us that sometimes all it takes to bring people together is a horde of hungry zombies trying to rip them apart. Produced by Cartel and HiTide Studios with Stan Spry, Jeff Holland and Drew Brown serving as executive producers for Cartel, and James Dudelson, Robert Dudelson, Jordan Kizwani and Matt Drake serving as executive producers for HiTide Studios. Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas will serve as co-showrunners and executive producers and Steven Kostanski will also serve as executive producer.

Slumber Party Massacre – All-New Original Movie Premieres this Fall
A new contemporary twist-filled reimagining of the 1982 slasher cult classic just in time for Halloween. A slumber party turns into a bloodbath, as a psychotic serial killer wielding a power drill disrupts the fun. “Slumber Party Massacre” is produced in partnership with Shout! Studios with Brent Haynes, Bob Emmer, Garson Foos and Jordan Fields serving as executive producers. Danishka Esterhazy serves as director and worked off the screenplay by Suzanne Keilly. The film is also produced by Blue Ice Pictures.

USA Network

America’s Big Deal – Premieres this fall
This groundbreaking competition series invites inventors from across the nation to sell their products live on-air and compete for the chance to strike a life-changing deal with a retail giant. The mastermind behind the series is America’s most celebrated entrepreneur, Joy Mangano, who is making it her personal mission to lift up America’s greatest inventors and small businesses to give them the same opportunity that launched her business dynasty… the chance to make the biggest deal of their life. Tapping into One Platform Commerce, contestants will sell their wares in real time through NBCUniversal Checkout, with live sales numbers determining who stays and who goes. Produced by DIGA Studios with Tony DiSanto, Nick Rigg, Tommy Coriale and Alison Holloway serving as executive producers. Joy Mangano also serves as an executive producer.

Mud, Sweat & Beards (WT) – Premieres in 2022
On each episode of this all-new series, Donny Dust and Ray Livingston tackle the earth’s most remote locations, where they’ll build a new primitive paradise using their unrivaled wit and wilderness ingenuity. These best friends and current world-class survivalists will work hand-in-hand as they do everything from building elaborate shelters to tracking down natural food sources, all while combating extreme weather, hunger, predators and wicked BO.  Produced by Leftfield Pictures with Shawn Witt, Gretchen Palek, Ryan Pender, Zach Green and Andrew Schechter serving as executive producers.

Nash Bridges – Special revival movie premieres this fall
Nash Bridges returns as a 2-hour movie for USA Network with stars Don Johnson (Nash Bridges) and Cheech Marin (Joe Rodriguez) reprising their roles. The two-hour movie brings the duo back together as elite investigators for the San Francisco Police Department Special Investigations Unit. The film will be produced by Village Roadshow Television.

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