‘Slow Burn’ Spinoff ‘One Year’ Podcast Set At Slate

Slow Burn

Slate’s Slow Burn podcast, which has covered subjects such as Watergate and Bill Clinton’s impeachment, is one of the most successful documentary podcasts in the market.

It will soon have its first spinoff, or offshoot.

One Year will focus on a specific year in history and will look at all of the things that you forgot happened within the same 12 month span. The first season will cover 1977. Some stories you think you know but you really don’t. Others you’ve forgotten entirely or never knew at all. One Year dives deep into politics, culture, sports, and technology, showing us where we came from and how we got where we are today.

It will be hosted by Josh Levin, Slate’s national editor who hosted season four of Slow Burn as well as its sports podcast Hang Up and Listen.

It comes after Slate launched season five of Slow Burn, The Road To The Iraq War, in April, and is prepping season six, which will cover the LA riots and the story of Rodney King, which will launch in the fall.

It joins recent launches such as A Word With Jason Johnson, ICYMI and Mission: Interplanetary.  

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