Josha Stradowski Signs With Range Media Partners

Range Media Partners

EXCLUSIVE: Josha Stradowski, who is set to co-star opposite Rosamund Pike in the upcoming series The Wheel of Time at Amazon, has signed with Range Media Partners.

Stradowski plays Rand Al’Thor in The Wheel of Time, a pivotal role in the series that was highly coveted by many of the rising stars in the industry. Based on Robert Jordan’s best-selling fantasy novel series, the story is set in a high fantasy world where magic exists but only certain women are allowed to access it. The story follows Moiraine (Pike) as she embarks on a dangerous, world-spanning journey with five young men and women, one of whom is prophesied to be the Dragon Reborn, a powerful individual who will either save humanity or destroy it.

Most recently, Stradowski starred in the Dutch television drama High Flyers, which premiered in 2020. He also starred as one of the leads in Just Friends, the award-winning Dutch television movie that was recognized across the global festival circuit in 2018. That same year, he was recognized as a Shooting Star at the Subtitle European Film Festival. On stage, he starred in Toneelgroep Oostpool’s Gender and Bromance from director Timothy de Gilde and in International Theater Amsterdam’s Oedipus from director Robert Icke.

In addition to Range, Stradowski is repped by Subtitle Talent, Favor Talents and Felker Toczek.

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