Sebastian Stan Addresses Those Luke Skywalker Rumors On ‘Good Morning America’


Star Wars fans have long been wondering just who will pick up the role of young Luke Skywalker in future Star Wars films and TV. Sebastian Stan has been prominently mentioned as a likely candidate.

In a recent Good Morning America interview (see the specifics at 2:50 on the video), the 38-year old star of Falcon and The Winter Soldier was cagey. He said he wants to make sure he has Hamill’s blessings before he’ll consider stepping in.

“People are wondering about you perhaps playing a young Luke Skywalker,” mused cohost Robin Roberts. “Even Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker himself, has tweeted his support.”

Stan came back quickly.

“Well, if Mark Hamill calls me personally to tell me that he feels inclined to share this role with me, then I’ll believe it,” he said. “Until then, I won’t believe it.”

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