Sean Hannity Calls Seth Meyers A “Limousine Liberal Socialist Hypocritical A**hole” Who Isn’t Even Funny

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A night after NBC’s Seth Meyers called out Sean Hannity and Fox News for their ongoing opposition to gun law reform, the Fox News Channel personality launched a tirade against the NBC Late Night host, chastising Meyers for name-calling before name-calling him a “limousine liberal, socialist, hypocritical asshole.”

“And you are not funny, ever,” Hannity zinged.

What set off the Donald Trump loyalist was Meyers’ Wednesday night “Closer Look” segment examining gun violence and the recent mass shootings in Boulder and Atlanta. Meyers lambasted “a small minority of sociopaths with outsized power in politics who stand in the way when the rest of us try to do something about it,” and criticized Hannity for only “briefly mentioning” the Boulder shooting during his program.

Hannity took the bait. “You want to call me sociopathic, which you have called many others before, like Trump, like Karl Rove, you use the word a lot, but you’re just another limousine liberal, socialist, hypocritical asshole who does nothing but spew anti-GOP hate and has virtually nothing positive or productive to add to any political dialogue. You have zero credibility, zero integrity, zero interest in what the truth is, especially about complicated issues, and that’s why very few people watch your show. And you’re not funny, ever.”

The Fox News host continued the anti-Meyers ranting after bringing on guests Jason Chaffetz and Joe Concha, both of whom agreed with Hannity that late-night comedians should get off the politics and back to the laughs.

“Imagine if you’re a college kid in a dorm and you put on a little late night TV for a little escapism after classes, maybe you went out for a little bit and just want to have a laugh,” said The Hill columnist Concha. He also waxed nostalgic for “the Carsons, the Letterman early days, Leno, Conan” – essentially the late-night hosts who reigned during the era when college kids still watched network TV.

This certainly isn’t the first time Hannity has feuded with a late-night comedian. Last summer he took on John Oliver after the HBO host of Last Week Tonight criticized Fox News for exaggerating the violence of Portland’s Black Lives Matter protests.

“His big problem,” Hannity responded in a SiriusXM interview, “is he’s not funny.”


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