Netflix Reveals List Of Its U.S. Subscribers’ 10 “Most Traveled To” Destinations


Netflix has spoken a fair bit about the rise in demand for international content during the pandemic (viewing was up 50% to non-English language titles in 2020), and now the streamer has revealed the top 10 destinations its U.S. subscribers visited most through their screens in the past year.

Now, this being Netlflix, it disclosed little in the way of hard viewing numbers. Instead, the findings are drawn from country of origin appearances in Netflix’s daily Top 10 lists of most-viewed shows and films. Netflix collected the data, which is not ranked, from February 2020.

So, the so-called “most traveled to” destinations were:

Canada gave Netflix shows including Rust Valley Restorers.

Omar Sy series Lupin was a surprise hit for Netflix and was projected to be watched by 70 million households. Netflix did not disclose its actual audience. Other French hits included documentary film Cuties.

German series Barbarians, a historical drama about Germanic warriors fighting the Roman Empire in 9 AD, was the most-watched non-English language series in the U.S. last year.

Netflix pointed to feature The Life Ahead as being a success.

The thrilling gamer drama series Alice in Borderland was a hit with American audiences. The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of the Gods also performed well.

Mexico City-set Dark Desire was the fifth most-watched international series on Netflix last year.

Polish rom-com Squared Love was a strong performer.

South Korea
Seoul-set Love Alarm took U.S. viewers into a dystopian world of romance. Korean film #Alive also performed well.

Álex Pina-created Spanish-language series Money Heist was an obvious draw, and was projected to be seen by 65M households worldwide.

Britain gave Netflix The Crown, but it was Bath-set Bridgerton that broke records. It became Netflix’s most-streamed series ever after being watched by 82M households worldwide.

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