Discovery+ Sets GameStop Documentary Hosted By Jordan Belfort, The Real Wolf Of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort, the inspiration for Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street, is to host a fast-turnaround Discovery+ documentary on the surge in GameStop’s share price.

ITN Productions is making the special film, which is working titled GameStop: The Wall Street Hijack and premieres in the UK on April 8 before an international rollout.

Narrated by Belfort, he will examine how a group of young, risk-embracing day traders used social media to organize a massive stock buy-up for video game retailer GameStop.

“I’ve found some very creative ways to make money on Wall Street, but I’ve got to say, personally, I love the fact that everyone now has the ability to organize and give the Wall Street players a run for their money, it’s a real David versus Goliath story,” he said.

GameStop: The Wall Street Hijack was commissioned by Simon Downing and Victoria Noble for Discovery+. Jeremy Phillips is the executive producer for Discovery alongside Bruce Kennedy and Ian Russell for ITN Productions. Mark Radice is the producer.

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