Jimmy Kimmel Talks Prospect Of Preventing A Fourth Covid Wave: “Really, It’s A Race Against Time And Stupidity”

Jimmy Kimmel on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!
ABC via YouTube

Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Jimmy Kimmel addressed the need to “remain vigilant” with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic, with businesses across the U.S. opening up, and a potential new wave of the virus on the horizon.

“The White House is trying to get as many people vaccinated before the new, more contagious variants lead to another surge,” he said. “Really, it’s a race against time and stupidity.”

In his opening monologue, Kimmel expressed concern that people are saying they’re “over” the pandemic. “It’s not Words With Friends,” he deadpanned. “You can’t just be over it.”

The host noted that “if we’re smart and wear masks,” experts believe another wave can be prevented.

“We can actually put an end to this,” he said. “But the problem is, we’re not smart, and we don’t wear masks. We’re dumb. We’re dumb people.”

While broadcasting on “St. Patrick’s Day Eve,” Kimmel contemplated the idea of once again celebrating the holiday from home. “In an official statement today, the CDC said they, ‘recommend all Americans stay home this St. Patrick’s Day and get black-out drunk alone, like real Irishmen,'” he joked. “I, for one, am offended.”

Also at top of mind for Kimmel was Sunday’s Grammys broadcast, and the way in which it was discussed by those at Fox News. “Tucker Carlson pulled a tired old rabbit out of his hood last night,” he said, “going on and on about Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.”

The host then played a clip in which Carlson and author Candice Owens watched and critiqued the artists’ performance of their chart-topper, “WAP.”

“It feels like we are looking at corrosion, like we’re about to see the end of an empire,” Owens had said. “America cannot survive. It cannot be sustained under these sorts of values and principles.”

“Right, right, right,” Kimmel chimed in. “Deadly attack on our nation’s capitol? Understandable. Two Black women with a dirty pop song? The end of an empire.”

Kimmel’s guest tonight is former First Lady Michelle Obama. Musical guest is Brittany Howard. Watch the host’s remarks in full by clicking on the video above.

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