George Stephanopoulos Lands Sit-Down With President Joe Biden

ABC News
Joe Biden will be interviewed this week by Good Morning America cohost George Stephanopoulos.
The interview will air on Wednesday and cover Biden’s Covid-19 relief plan and other topics.
Biden’s first one-on-one interview as president was with Norah O’Donnell and was included as part of CBS’ Super Bowl pregame coverage last month. However, he’s since come under fire for not holding a formal press conference or fielding media questions in live settings.
Stephanopoulos interviewed President Donald Trump in 2019, and was given access to him for 30 hours. It was produced as an ABC News special. The GMA co-anchor recently relinquished his role as ABC chief anchor, as World News Tonight anchor David Muir now helms the network’s special event and breaking news coverage.
Stephanopoulos still handles breaking news during the morning GMA hours, but the title of chief anchor has been sidelined.
Biden will be traveling this week to promote the $1.9 trillion Covid relief legislation as well as his administration’s plans to curb the virus. In a primetime speech last week, he said that all American adults should be eligible to receive the vaccine by May 1.
He also announced plans to speed up the pace of vaccinations.
Biden has not yet held a full formal press conference, as his recent predecessors had done by this point. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said last week that plans are to hold such an event by the end of the month.

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