Ad Council Debuts Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign Featuring All Former Presidents — Except Donald Trump

Ad Council

Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama appear in a new campaign introduced by the Ad Council encouraging Americans to get vaccinated.

The spots also feature former first ladies Rosalynn Carter, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama as part of the campaign called It’s Up To You.

But Donald Trump and Melania Trump are not featured.

A spokesperson for the Ad Council said that the project started back in December with the former presidents and noted that one of the spots was shot as Bush, Clinton and Obama gathered for the inauguration, which President Trump didn’t attend. That spot was shot at Arlington National Cemetery’s Memorial Amphitheater.

“We just learned last week that President Trump did get vaccinated and were so pleased he advised Americans to ‘go get your shot,'” the spokesperson said.

The Carters did not attend the inauguration but are featured in brief clips showing them getting vaccinated. “I’m getting vaccinated because we want this pandemic to end as soon as possible,” Carter says.

The Ad Council said that the PSAs are a part of one of the largest public education campaigns in U.S. history. They will appear nationwide in time and space donated by media and digital outlets, starting this week.

According to their research via Ipsos, as of February about 40% of the American public were undecided about getting a vaccination. Of those, only 56% say are confident they have enough information to guide their decision, compared to 96% of those already committed. The Ad Council also has an information website, as part of the Covid Collaborative, called

“Michelle and I got vaccinated against Covid-19 because we know it’s the best way to get the country back up and running again—and get us back to the moments we miss,” Obama said in a statement. “We hope every American will do the same and get a vaccine as soon as it’s available to them. It could save your life.”

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