Newsom Says Tomorrow’s State Of The State Speech Will Be About Farm Workers, Women, Children, Caregivers And CA’s Bright Future

Gavin Newsom
CA Gov. Gavin Newsom via CSPAN2

“I want to highlight farm workers. I want to highlight women, children, caregivers and a bright future for California,” said Governor Gavin Newsom when asked on Monday about the State of the State speech he will deliver Tuesday.

“This is not going to be state of the state that lays out policy initiatives,” said Newsom. “I want to highlight heroes.”

In March of 2020, the governor’s State of the State had a significant focus on homelessness, which he called “a disgrace.” Little did he know that a growing, never-before-seen virus from China would kill some 50,000 Californians and consume most of his attention for the next 12 months.

Newsom said he was still writing the speech, but promised that his 2021 speech would be shorter than usual which, for the loquacious governor, is a big statement. His first two such addresses clocked in just under 45 minutes each.

“This is NOT going to be a state of the state laden with policy announcements,” he said.

“It will also be more sober. Mindful of the lives that have been lost” to Covid-19. He also said that it would include a vision of the state’s future that is “extraordinarily bright.”

The speech will come about a week after organizers of a recall effort targeting Newsom announced that they had collected 1.9 million of the 2 million signatures they think they will need to ensure a vote of confidence in the governor’s performance.

In the intervening days the governor has barnstormed the state, rapidly loosening Covid-19 reopening restrictions and redirecting vaccine supplies to underserved communities, which are largely Latino and which could constitute a significant voting bloc in any statewide vote.

The speech will take place on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. and be live-streamed on all of the governor’s social media accounts. Deadline suggests his YouTube channel, where the address can be paused, rewinded and fast forwarded.

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