New Yorkers Return To The Movie Theaters, Politicians Dance, Everyone Nervous


Like a reluctant swimmer dipping their toes in the water to check the temperature, New Yorkers cautiously returned to the movies today.

The capacity was restricted in the venues, and many did not sell popcorn or other concessions. Social distancing was observed, masks required, and everyone had that kind of nervous excitement that comes with doing something slightly forbidden.

Perhaps it was the presence of actor Liam Neeson, who planned to show up at theaters to greet returning fans for his film, The Marksman. He likely avoided telling them his trademark, “I will find you and I will kill you.” Or maybe it was the dance moves of mayoral candidate Andrew Yang, who boogied with delight upon scoring his tickets.

But overall, the mood, as seen by the online reactions, was akin to George Costanza’s reaction in a memorable episode of Seinfeld: “Reserved jubilation.”

Some of the early returns:

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