‘Minari’: Read The Screenplay For Lee Isaac Chung’s Film About A Family’s Search For The American Dream

Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari is an American film that tells the story of a Korean American family as they uproot from their more metropolitan life in California to a rural one in a small Arkansas town in search of the American dream. In case you didn’t catch on, this is a very American film.

In A24’s drama, Steven Yeun plays the patriarch of the family, Jacob, while Yeri Han plays his wife, Monica. They attempt to adjust to their new farm life with their children (played by breakout performers Alan Kim and Noel Kate Cho) but when their unfiltered and witty grandma (Yuh-jung Youn) arrives, the dynamic of the household changes.

Minari has bolstered representation of Asian American narratives and instantly gained traction with critics and audiences after making its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2020, where it won the dramatic grand jury prize.

Now, the family drama is a frontrunner for awards season. After winning numerous critics accolades, an AFI Award as one of its Movies of the Year, and the Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language at the Golden Globes last week, it has enough fuel in its tank to show big at the Oscars in April. But before that, it is vying for numerous trophies at the SAG Awards and Independent Spirit Awards including Best Feature, Best Male Lead for Yeun and Supporting nods for Han and Youn. It also received a nomination for Best Screenplay at the Spirit Awards.

Speaking of, you can read the full script below.

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