Crooked Media’s Jason Concepcion Launches Podcast ‘Takeline’ With Ex-WNBA Star Renee Montgomery & Video Series ‘All Caps NBA’

Felisha Tolentino & Kelly Kline for Crooked Media

EXCLUSIVE: Jason Concepcion is setting up his first audio and video projects since moving from The Ringer to Crooked Media.

The former co-host of the popular Binge Mode podcast is launching two sports-centric projects at the Pod Save America producer.

He will host a podcast, Takeline, with former WNBA star Renee Montgomery, and partial owner of the Atlanta Dream WNBA team, and a weekly video series All Caps NBA.

Takeline, which launches March 16, will see the pair break down the games, players, and controversies that run both on and off the court. Expect Concepcion and Montgomery’s takes on everything from the NBA to The Bachelor.

All Caps NBA, which launches March 19, will invite NBA fans to join a quick moving, snappy discussion for what’s happening in sports, culture, and politics. It will be available on Crooked’s new Takeline YouTube channel.

The move sees Crooked Media, best known for its politics podcasts, move into areas such as sports, technology and Hollywood. Concepcion will also exec produce both projects and is developing other pop culture and entertainment projects with Crooked.

“Politics touches all aspects of our lives, including sports, which has always been where my passion lies. Takeline, All Caps, and all my content at Crooked, will allow me to explore that connection. I’ll be taking a closer look at the issues impacting our players, leagues, and the games that mean so much to me and to so many, to examine how they reflect our values and priorities and ultimately, the most significant issues facing our country,” said Concepcion. “To be able to nerd out on how my interests in life come together at a time when that link is becoming more and more pronounced is truly exciting and doing so with the folks at Crooked, who have led the way in making the sometimes heavy subjects approachable, is an added bonus.”

“Politics go way beyond Washington. Every industry has its own ways of working and its own imbalances of power that can lead to inequities. Nowhere is that more apparent than in sports. Whether it’s talking about bullshit policies from team owners or the point-spread of a game, Jason naturally creates a space where fun conversations about the culture, politics, and social movements happening within the sports world come together with equal-weight. Also, he’s funny as hell,” added Tanya Somanader, Crooked’s Chief Content Officer.

Concepcion is represented by Goodmanagement and The Nord Group.

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