YouTube Preschool Stars Vlad & Niki Sign With Underscore Talent To Expand Franchise Into Global Entertainment Property

Vlad Niki
Courtesy of Underscore Talent

EXCLUSIVE: YouTube stars Vlad & Niki have signed with Underscore Talent for management with the aim of expanding the preschool franchise into a global kids entertainment property.

This month, Vlad & Niki surpassed 152 million worldwide YouTube subscribers, with 63+ million on its English channel. The franchise registers more than 293 million monthly views in the U.S. and has more than 80 billion total views worldwide on its 16 channels translated into 13 languages.

Led by Underscore Talent’s Reza Izad and Dan Weinstein, the management company will work with Sergey and Victoria Vashketov, the boys’ parents, to expand and oversee all areas of the entertainment property including furthering content offerings into syndication; development of new live-action formats; gaming; and supporting the partnerships driving new animation formats, promotional campaigns and merchandise.

“Reza and Dan have a proven track record with content creators whose careers began on YouTube,” said Sergey Vashketov, CEO of Vlad & Niki’s production company Content Media Group. “Their vision for our brand is aligned perfectly with our goals and aspirations.”

Launched in April 2018, Vlad & Niki is an imaginative, live-action preschool YouTube series, showcasing the comedic antics of two young brothers — 7-year-old Vlad Vashketov and 5-year-old Niki Vashketov — along with the help of their mother Victoria and their baby brother Christopher. Each episode is created and produced by their parents and features a mix of live action, animation and music to create comedic videos filled with learning themes that include family fun, discovery play, home adventures, indoor and outdoor play, singing and dancing for the preschool demographic.

“It is astonishing what Sergey and Victoria have built to date with their Vlad & Niki property,” Izad said. “We are beyond excited to partner with them and help propel their global opportunities while entertaining kids everywhere.”

Added Weinstein: “By tapping into our resources, we are allowing Sergey and Victoria to continue to focus their energies in creating stellar original content for kids and families around the world to enjoy.”

Vlad & Niki were recognized by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences’ 10th annual Lovie Awards for outstanding work in the Shortlist category. They also received numerous YouTube Creative Awards, commonly known as Play Buttons.

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