‘The Simpsons’ Hit A Little Too Close To Home For One Fan, AKA Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz is under fire for taking a trip to Cancun while his Texas constituents are suffering from a lack of electricity, heat and water.

Cruz is catching it from the internet community for that conduct, which has led to a flood of memes and the resurrection of an episode of The Simpsons that may add to the fire. The parody hits a little too close to home for the Senator (who, incidentally, claims he’s a fan of the show).

The episode in question aired on May 6, 1993. Titled Marge in Chains, Mayor Quimby claims he’s canceling plans for a trip to the Bahamas to deal with a pandemic that’s enveloped Springfield.

Quimby tells everyone to stay home, but he’s actually on a beach, wearing a jacket and tie on top of his bathing suit, pretending to be at work in his office. A nearby steel drum soloist threatens to give him away.

The outpouring of outrage has seen a chastened Cruz offer an apology.

“It was obviously a mistake and in hindsight I wouldn’t have done it,” he told reporters, per NBC. “I understand why people are upset.”

Homer Simpson has not yet commented.


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