Netflix Acquires Chinese New Year Title ‘New Gods: Nezha Reborn’


After acquiring Chinese New Year title The Yin Yang Master last week, Netflix is adding animated fantasy New Gods: Nezha Reborn to its roster. The film, based on the classic mythology The Romance Of The Gods, debuted theatrically in China for Lunar New Year on February 12 and grossed $21.3M through the weekend. To date, it has made over $36M in the market. Netflix has taken exclusive global streaming rights outside China.

The reimagined world of New Gods: Nezha Reborn was created by the original crew of White Snake: Origin, over a four-year period. It’s directed by Zhao Ji and features the voices of Yang Tianxiang, Xuan Xiaoming, Ling Zhenhe, Zhu Ke’er and Li Shimeng.

Produced by Alibaba Pictures and with animation from Light Chaser Animation Studios, the film is set the mythical Donghai City, a melting pot where gods and people from different cultures co-exist. Nezha is reborn as Li Yunxiang, a young daredevil, 3000 years after the original Battle of the Gods. Yunxiang grows up as a cool regular boy, who earns his living as a delivery courier. His love for motor racing and adventure prevail even as he discovers his true identity as Nezha. He encounters his mortal enemies, the Dragon Clan, who are now living as super wealthy businessmen, feared and revered in Donghai City. Boss De, the Dragon King of the East China Sea or The Patriarch of the Dragon Clan, vows to revitalize the Dragon Clan in the new world. He is accompanied by his three sons, The Three Princes, who are intent on killing Nezha to avenge their clan.

Nezha Reborn also had a significant IMAX component in China, grossing $1M in the format across the first three-day frame. Overall, Chinese New Year box office for opening weekend was a staggering $697M, led by the breakout performance of Detective Chinatown 3 which set new record for an opening weekend in a single market at $398M.

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