Larry Kudlow Doubles Down On “Bullsh*t” Swipe At Kamala Harris Caught On Hot Mic After Promising “Civility” In Fox Business Debut


Larry Kudlow’s debut on Fox Business Network on Tuesday has generated a lot of attention, and most of it not good due to his expletive-filled big mouth.

“Earlier on Fox News Channel, I made some comments about that clip, you might have read about it, if not you could Google it,” the ex-director of Donald Trump’s National Economic Council said this afternoon early in his new show. Those comments, to put it mildly, arose from a hot-mic reaction by the former financial analyst to Vice President Kamala Harris’ claims in an Axios interview that the new administration was “starting from scratch” on the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

Appearing on FNC’s America Reports to promote his new self-titled show, which will air weekdays at 4 p.m. ET, Kudlow was heard chanting “Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t!” as the clip of Harris played. The show co-hosted by Sandra Smith and John Roberts tried to pull the plug on Kudlow’s mic as Smith herself could be heard saying “that is Larry Kudlow weighing in…Wow.”

“I may have said a bad word,” Kudlow said later in response on his own show. “I’m not usually a guy who swears but what the Vice President said burned me up and it’s simply not true, okay? It is somewhere between cognitive dissonance and an outright falsehood lie.”

It is worth noting that Harris began her critical comments on the well-reported state of affairs by saying “there was no national strategy or plan for vaccinations.” She added that before the Biden-Harris administration took over January 20, “we were leaving it to the states and the local leaders to try and figure it out.” The latter statement is something both Republican and Democratic governors and mayors have said in past months.

“Not everything went perfectly,” Kudlow noted in additional reaction today, no small understatement regarding the chaos — suggestions of bleach injections and the outright denial of the reality of the pandemic — that the Trump administration engaged in for almost a year. With that carnage quickly leapfrogged today, Covid-19 task force member Kudlow, like many in the Trump administration, then took partial credit for the “triumph” of Operation Warp Speed and the development of vaccines.

The irony of sorts is that as part of the tweaking of FBN with the dismissal of firestarter Lou Dobbs earlier this month after he and the Rupert Murdoch outlets were named in a blistering $2.7 billion defamation suit by election systems company Smartmatic, Kudlow today promised a kinder, gentler program.

“Welcome folks, the debut of Kudlow, I’m Larry Kudlow, I’m delighted and most grateful to be here with you,” he started out in his opening monologue. “Sometimes on this show, we’re going to have some disagreement, and that’s okay. And I promise it will all be done with fact-based civility and respect. So with all that, let’s begin out journey together.”

Alas, Kudlow’s odd cadence and all, that promised civility was strained before the debut, and continued as the first show rolled on.

With the Dow Jones up and other markets middling upon close today, the onetime CNBC host made sure to take a swipe at “President Biden and the Democrats’ progressive climate agenda” over the power failures that have left large swaths of states like Texas without power in the midst of a snowstorm, along with how “burned up” he was by Harris’  comments. Returning to the vaccine distribution debate, Kudlow continued to asserted that the government is “not set up” to get shots in citizens’ arms …which might be posthumous news to Jonas Salk.

Overall, the fallout from the perhaps intentional foul language by Kudlow made up a significant portion of his debut. In a show that featured sit-downs with fellow FBN host Stuart Varney and later with ex-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Kudlow repeatedly declared variations on “I did use cuss words and I apologize and I won’t do that again,” though he didn’t apologize directly to Harris.

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