Theorem Media Sets ‘Disrupting Injustice: A Belafonte Remix’ Docuseries Spotlighting Legendary Performer And Activist

Courtesy of Theorem Media

EXCLUSIVE: Theorem Media is putting the spotlight on legendary singer, songwriter, actor and human rights activist Harry Belafonte with Disrupting Injustice: A Belafonte RemixThe educational entertainment company has set a six-part docuseries inspired by and featuring the titular icon.

The music-driven docuseries is inspired by and will feature EGOT recipient Belafonte and explore social justice issues around the world by documenting some of today’s most prominent artists/activists as they reimagine Belafonte’s iconic songs that speak truth to power. Artists Aloe Blacc, Angelique Kidjo, Maxwell, Gaël Faye, Common and John Forté are set to appear in the series. They will be joined by directors, activists and journalists including Kamilah Forbes, Carmen Perez, Chris L. Jenkins and Amy Goodman. Disrupting Injustice: A Belafonte Remix will explore including systemic racism, gender and society, digital activism, indigenous populations as well as cultural warfare.

“When I wrestle with the questions that are being raised today about human rights, I want my answers molded by people of wisdom, artists and activists, young women and men who are stepping forward and speaking out so strongly and courageously,” said Belafonte. “That’s what Theorem is creating here – vivid stories of human struggle that demonstrate the power of compassion in the face of injustice.”

Executive Producer and series co-creator Susanne Rostock added, “Harry and I have been envisioning this project for years. We decided to do it now because it’s a time filled with such possibility, and with so many people feeling a distinct sense of urgency. The uniqueness of the program is that the songs were originally written and performed to inspire direct action and create real change.”

Brian Satz and One9 also serve as co-creators and Executive Producers on the docuseries.

Belafonte, who serves as an Executive Producer on the project is a Jamaican-American singer, songwriter, activist, and actor who has garnered praise for his art as well as his humanitarianism. Belafonte was an early, vocal supporter of the Civil Rights Movement, a confidant of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and financial backer of many forms of protest, including the 1963 March on Washington. Throughout his 70-year career, he has been an advocate for an array of political and humanitarian causes, including the anti-Apartheid Movement, equal rights for women, juvenile justice, climate change and the decolonization of Africa.

The icon appeared in Spike Lee’s Oscar-winning BlacKkKlansman and was featured in Yoruba Richen’s documentary The Sit-In which chronicles the groundbreaking moment in TV history when Johnny Carson handed the hosting reins of The Tonight Show over to Belafonte in February 1968. This marked the first time an African-American hosted a late-night television show for an entire week.

In addition to the docuseries, Disrupting Injustice: A Belafonte Remix will include a full suite of educational materials available to educators for free including short films, lesson plans, screening guidelines and student activities for in-classroom or distance learning.

Theorem Media sets to use storytelling to demystify the most important topics of today. The socially-driven company focuses are inclusion & equity, digital transformation, financial literacy, sustainability, and deep space exploration.

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