‘The Crown’s Golden Globe-Nominated Emma Corrin Reacts To Kristen Stewart’s Upcoming Princess Diana, Says Role Was “One Of The Best Experiences”

Emma Corrin
Circle of Confusion

Emma Corrin was not only thrilled by the six Golden Globe nominations for The Crown announced on Wednesday, including her own for playing Princess Diana, but said she’s also excited to see what Kristen Stewart with do with that same Royal role in Pablo Larrain’s new film, Spencer, and how Elizabeth Debicki will pick up the character in The Crown’s next season.

“I think it’s wonderful, it’s just great, because obviously [Diana] should be celebrated,” Corrin told Deadline, “and actually, I think it’s so interesting to see so many different portrayals of her. Hopefully all these different actors will be bringing out different nuances of her and different aspects of her story that we can apply to our own lives and learn from.”

Corrin positively compared seeing the same real-life person portrayed by multiple actors to the Todd Haynes-directed film, I’m Not There. “[When] all the different actors play Dylan, like Cate Blanchett, you get to see different parts and aspects of this person who we think we know so well.”

Making The Crown had been “one of the best experiences” she said, but embodying Diana who was famously known as ‘the people’s princess’, was “incredibly daunting” too. “There’s so much footage of her, and everyone feels so incredibly close to her. That was the magic, that she was a person who was incredibly relatable and people were very fond of her, so I was like, where do I fit in? How do I do this?”

Corrin had to set aside what the Royal family might make of her performance, she added. “You’re creating this character which in a way feels very separate from the actual people. So that helped in that respect because if you think about that too much it becomes quite scary. The thing that helped me a lot was the script and realizing that it’s our version of Diana, it was my version of Diana, and Peter [Morgan]’s writing is just a godsend, he’s just so talented, and he creates these complex, nuanced characters that are just such a joy to bring to life.”

But playing the beloved Royal also brought home to Corrin who Diana was at her core and the depth of the challenges she faced. “I have such appreciation for her strength, and appreciation for her intense vulnerability and the depths of emotion she must have been feeling all the time in this very heightened situation,” she said. “She was so strong and she managed to be such a beacon of strength and hope for so many people, even when she was going through so much. I think I just admire the way she carried herself and the way the dealt with things.”

Next up, Corrin has some as yet unannounced projects in the pipeline, she said. “I’m excited to do some different parts. Diana was such a challenge in way because of the character, but I’m excited to do something different, something modern I think, something more contemporary. Honestly I’m just interested in telling good stories.”






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