Doug Schoen Joins Newsmax TV As Analyst

Newsmax TV
Newsmax TV

Doug Schoen, a Democratic political strategist and pollster, has joined Newsmax TV as an analyst.

Schoen will be a regular on the outlet, giving analysis on Joe Biden’s administration.

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy said in a statement, “Doug is a Democrat who plays it fair and square and calls it as he sees it. Since our founding over two decades ago, Newsmax has striven to give our readers and viewers ‘both sides’ and we’re now lucky to have one of the very best joining our roster.”

Since the election, the right-leaning outlet has seen its viewership climb, as it has been a platform for defenders of President Donald Trump to advance unfounded claims of election fraud. Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy has defended the network’s coverage as one that captures all points of view.

In December, Newsmax aired a clarification about election systems company Smartmatic, after the company fired off a legal threat and demanded repeated retractions after on-air personalities and guests floated claims that its software was rigged and that it had ties to the Venezuelan government and George Soros. Smartmatic is also considering legal action against Fox News and One America News Network.

Newsmax also has trumpeted its ratings gains, particularly for its 7 PM ET show Greg Kelly Reports, as coming at the expense of Fox News, which drew the ire of Trump when it called Arizona for Biden on election night.

Schoen was a contributor to Fox News and frequent columnist for Newsmax magazine. He founded the political consultancy Penn, Schoen & Berland with Mark Penn and Michael Berland, and worked on the campaigns of Jay Rockefeller and Evan Bayhm two centrist Democrats, and Richard Shelby, a Republican. He also was a top adviser to Bill Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign and later to Michael Bloomberg for his mayoral runs.


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