Late Night Hosts Blast Trump’s List Of Pardons, Meeting With MyPillow CEO Ahead Of Biden’s Inauguration

Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers
Youtube/CBS and NBC

Donald Trump has just hours left in office and TV’s late-night hosts are taking all the shots they can before President-elect Joe Biden’s officially takes over the White House on Wednesday.

While the fatal insurrection attempt at the U.S. Capitol still finds its way into their shows, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers fired off at Trump’s final actions in office – from his extensive list of pardons to his meeting with MyPillow CEO and supporter Mike Lindell. Lindell, after being passed from one White House official to another, met with the president to discuss the Jan. 6 insurrection and martial law, photos from the Washington Post reveal.

“This situation is so perfectly indicative of the Trump era,” Meyers said on Monday. “Instead of saying ‘no, get out,’ they all go to absurd lengths to debase themselves to accommodate trump and a circle of crazy old men with mysteriously brown hair.”

While Meyers said Trump should bear a majority of the blame for the violent events at the National Mall, those in his inner circle who enabled him or stood idly by deserve criticism as well. In addition to taking aim  at Lindell and those who allowed him into the White House, Meyers called out “hostage negotiator” Lindsey Graham. The South Carolina senator, who has previously said that Trump would damage the GOP, recently appealed to the president, noting that he will continue to be a major figure in the Republican party even after his term is over.

“These people had four years rationalizing and excusing Trump’s behavior because they were all in on it,” Meyers said.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert also poked fun at the Lindell-Trump discussion about martial law and the insurrection.

“Hm, he seems a little fascist-adjacent. He might want to rebrand as the Mein-Pillow guy,” Colbert quipped.”

While Trump met with the pillow salesman last week, talk about pardons could mean a new business for the soon-to-be former president, Colbert said. On Monday, reports surfaced that Trump seeks to pardon more than 100 people during his final hours in office. Among those on the list are Paul Manafort and Lil Wayne. With reports detailing that the Rudy Giuliani is parading pardons for around $2 million a pop, pardons seems to be a lucrative market, the late night host added.

“Finally, POTUS is running a business that makes money,” Colbert said.

See the Meyers’ “A Closer Look” segment above and Colbert’s monologue below.

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