Hulu Cuts Price For U.S. College Students To Two Dollars A Month

AP Photo/Dan Goodman

Hulu is cutting the price of its basic, ad-supported service for U.S. college students to $2 a month.

The regular price has been $6 for everyone since 2019, with Hulu’s ad-free tier at $12 a month.

The Disney-owned streaming operation describes the 65% discount as an “evergreen deal.” Eligible students aged 18 and older can sign up for the deal starting today, and will get the lower rate as long as they can verify they are still a student.

Streaming and college are a natural fit. Philo TV, the streaming service whose CEO is Facebook co-founder Andrew McCollum, began as an experiment at Harvard in 2009. It then expanded to college campuses nationwide before becoming a full-fledged national TV bundle service in 2017.

Many college dormitories are wired for cable and schools have long had ties with pay-TV operators. As streaming has dislodged pay-TV as a viewing source, many providers have sought to make inroads with students. For the past several years, Comcast’s Xfinity on Campus setup has enabled students to watch live TV on any device at dozens of colleges.

Hulu also has been part of previous college offers. A $5-a-month Spotify Premium bundle includes both Hulu and Showtime.

Amazon has also offered six free months of Prime Video service to college students, with monthly subscriptions costing $6.49 beyond that.

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