Mark Hamill Reacts To “Real Triumph” Of ‘The Mandalorian’ Season Finale’s Surprise Appearances

The Mandalorian

Spoiler Alert: This story has major spoilers for the season 2 finale of Disney+’s The Mandalorian

Mark Hamill praised Disney+’s ability to keep a secret on Saturday when he reacted to The Mandalorian’s season two finale.

The sophomore finale for the Star Wars spin-off series sees the return of some beloved and major characters from the Lucasfilm franchise. After journeying with the titular character, The Child (a.k.a. Baby Yoda or Grogu) joined Luke Skywalker (a CGI’ed version of Hamill) and R2-D2 to train in the ways of the Jedi.

“The fact that we were able to keep my involvement a secret for over a year with no leaks is nothing less than a miracle,” Hamill tweeted on Saturday. “A real triumph for spoiler-haters everywhere!”

Hamill also added the hashtags #LooseLipsSinkStarships and #STFU to his tweet.

While Hamill’s iconic character made his Mandalorian debut, it wasn’t the actor’s first time appearing on the Disney+ series. Back in June the behind-the-scenes series Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian revealed that Hamill had previously appeared in the Pedro Pascal-led show, though not as Skywalker.

Hamill made a secret cameo in the fifth episode of the series, lending his voice to a droid bartender in a scene at the Tatooine cantina. Series creator Jon Favreau said the droid’s name was EV-9D9.

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