Trevor Noah’s Roy Wood Jr. Looks At An Awkward Transfer Of Power At The North Pole

Jason Kempin/Comedy Central

The news was shocking. Santa Claus, that jolly old Saint Nicholas, has resigned. Taking his place? Black Santa, aka, “Saint Vick.”

Investigative reporter Roy Wood Jr. took the Daily Social Distancing Show audience inside this transfer of power. What he found was somewhat disturbing.

“St. Nicholas is a good man,” said St. Vick. “And I do have my hands full.” St. Vick is focusing on diversification and an overhaul of the North Pole setup. “I hired two Black reindeer, got three more on background checks, and then will move into hiring Black elves.”

Saint Vick was a little less certain when asked just where he was going to find the Black Elf talent pool.  “We have multiple diversity initiatives from the talent pool,” St. Vick spluttered, but then erupted when Roy Wood Jr. pressed. “I just got this job!”

Moving on, Wood Jr. interviewed Black reindeer “Jbo.” Far more candid than St. Vick, Jbo revealed that the reindeer team “ain’t ready,” and confessed that he’s actually an Antelope.

Watch how this all turned out below.

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