MGM & Tadmor Entertainment Team On Adolf Eichmann Doc Series For Israel’s KAN

Adolf Eichmann
Everett Collection

EXCLUSIVE: MGM and Israeli production company Tadmor Entertainment are behind making a documentary series about Adolf Eichmann, one of the architects of the Holocaust.

The two companies are producing Eichmann – The Devil Speaks for Israeli public broadcaster KAN. It marks the first project to emerge from the first-look deal between MGM and Tadmor that was signed earlier this year.

As part of Hitler’s Final Solution, Eichmann was responsible for killing over six million Jews. After the war he went into hiding, but was recorded on tapes by Nazi journalist Willem Sassen, bragging about his central role in the genocide. Eichmann was eventually caught in Argentina by Israeli intelligence and put on trial in Jerusalem, but the original Sassen tapes were never recovered. One of the most important interviews ever given was never heard… until now.

The series, which is currently in production, will premiere in December 2021. It was created by director Yariv Mozer (Ben-Gurion, Epilogue). Kobi Sitt is producing for Alice Communications, while Tadmor Entertainment’s Gideon Tadmor, Emilio Schenker and Michael Schmidt are serving as executive producers.

MGM is handing worldwide rights outside of Israel and will soon introduce the series to global buyers. The deal was negotiated by MGM’s President of Television Operations Brian Edwards and KLVB Law’s Jerry Longarzo on behalf of Tadmor Entertainment.

Yariv Mozer said, “We feel obligated to return to the legal drama that took place in 1961 and retell the story of the Holocaust to younger generations so that it will never be forgotten. Above all, it is essential to reiterate the lessons we learned from the Holocaust at a time when more and more people seem to have forgotten them.”

MGM/UA TV President Steve Stark added, “Eichmann – The Devil Speaks features never-before-seen interview footage of one of history’s most notorious war criminals and brings a new lens to the emotionally explosive trial that revealed him to the world. We are honored to kick off our creative partnership with Tadmor Entertainment on this gripping and essential documentary series.”

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