As expected, President Donald Trump received cheers and applause from the mostly military attendees at today’s Army-Navy football game in New York.

Trump has always received support from football crowds (baseball, not so much), and has reveled in his past positive receptions at the Army-Navy game.

The game was held in rainy weather at the US Military Academy’s home field in West Point, New York, the first time the traditional rivals have met at an academy’s field since 1943. The game is usually held on neutral grounds in Philadelphia, but this year’s pandemic and restrictions on crowd sizes necessitated a move to a smaller venue in order to allow all cadets and midshipmen to attend.

Navy midshipmen and Army cadets greeted President Trump with cheers and chants of “USA! USA!”

Trump pumped his fist and applauded the students as he left the stadium tunnel for the ceremonial coin toss and National Anthem.

Students from both schools are at Michie Stadium, but no fans. The attendees are wearing masks, although the social distancing appears slight.

Saturday’s encounter marks the 121st game between the two service academies. The game is being televised by CBS.