The Ringer & Gimlet Staffers Stage Walkout Today In Support Of WGA East Contract

Gimlet via Twitter

The production staffs at The Ringer and Gimlet are staging a two-hour walkout today in support of the WGA East’s attempts to win a new contract for them.

The two podcast production companies are owned by Spotify, the audio streaming and media services company with which the guild has been trying to reach an agreement for more than a year. Bargaining resumes next week. The walkout started at 10 a.m. PT. You can watch it on a Twitch livestream below:

WGA East
WGA East

“Today’s two-hour work stoppage is a wake-up call for Spotify,” said WGA East executive director Lowell Peterson. “We have been bargaining first contracts for Gimlet and The Ringer for over a year, and next week, Parcast (another Spotify-owned company) will become the third Guild-represented podcast unit to be at the bargaining table. Spotify touts its billion dollar expansion into podcasts as a great success for its business while refusing to reach agreements that would enable their talented people to build sustainable careers doing the work they love, creating the podcasts that make the growth possible.”

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Today’s walkout “is a show of solidarity as we return to the bargaining table next week and continue to advocate for a fair contract that includes meaningful provisions on diversity, compensation, and pathways to promotion,” the bargaining units for The Ringer and Gimlet said in a joint statement. “Both units have been bargaining for more than a year. Parcast, which will go to the bargaining table for the first time next week, is also showing its support by joining the Twitch livestream today. Spotify wants to be the world’s leader in audio and we believe that begins with supporting its audio creators and establishing an environment that will champion underrepresented perspectives in this industry.”

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