Trevor Noah Begs Your Pardon: Hunter Biden’s Tax Problems May Lead To Some Strange Bedfellows

trevor noah the daily show
Trevor Noah Comedy Central via Twitter

Although the mainstream media has largely been treating Hunter Biden’s alleged tax investigation like the love that dares not speak its name, the truth has eventually come out, thanks to an unlikely news source – Hunter Biden himself.

The son of Joe has confessed that the FBI has been looking at his tax situation and other issues since about 2018, or so his lawyers have been told. It’s a story that’s come roaring back to life after being buried before the presidential election, Noah said.

“That’s right, people. Apparently Hunter is under investigation for his taxes,” Noah said, admitting that it’s a pretty bold move to announce that yourself. Noah likened it to a cheating man coming home and saying, “Oh, babe, you’re going to want to go through my phone.”

Noah is grateful for the Biden scandal, and insisted we all should be as well. Not for its probative value, but because we’re so used to scandals during the last four years, “We just can’t go down to zero scandals cold turkey.” He quipped, “Maybe next year Joe Biden asks Ukraine for something inappropriate.”

One path Hunter Biden may explore is unlikely, but intriguing. He should ask President Trump for a pardon, since reports have surfaced that the outgoing president will be raining them on anyone he’s ever talked to.

“I just love this story,” chortled Noah. “The way it’s reported, it seems like Trump is whistling down the hallway. Apparently Trump said he will pardon every person he’s spoken to. Of course, he will give them out as Christmas gifts. That’s a way to save himself money.”

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