Trevor Noah Speculates That President Trump May Appeal Beyond The Supreme Court

Trevor Noah
Comedy Central

Trevor Noah thinks President Donald Trump is “a man in a bar fight with reality.” That’s after the most recent turn-down by a higher court to hear appeals on the election.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday tersely turned back a petition from Trump ally Rep. Mike Kelly, a Pennsylvania Republican. Kelly argued that almost all of the state’s mail-in ballots were unlawful.

The petition was rejected by the Supreme Court in 34 minutes in one sentence, with no dissents recorded.

“They didn’t even pretend they would consider it,” Noah said. “Trump must be especially butt-hurt that the justices he appointed didn’t help,” justices including “Amy Coney Island,” as Noah called her.

There is still a larger suit on roughly the same issues, led by Texas and 17 other states and possibly joined by President Trump, that the Supreme Court may consider.

But Noah likened the current situation to a friend you see crying, but keep walking away from. “He can’t appeal to a higher court than the Supreme Court,” Noah said. “But maybe he can appeal to God.”

In a Trump voice, Noah mocked, “I know I only ask for your help when I’m walking down a ramp. But this one’s important, Big Guy.”

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