International Olympic Committee Adds Breakdancing As Official Sport For Paris 2024 Games

AP Images

The International Olympic Committee has decided to take breakdancing out for a spin with its upcoming Paris 2024 games.

The Olympics announced on Monday that the competitive dance form will be among the new sports set to debut during the 2024 games. The Olympics website states that breakdancing (named “breaking”), skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing will be new categories for the next summer Olympics.

While the announcement surely brought on a range of reactions, from excitement to confusion, it wasn’t the only Olympics-related news to gain attention. The Olympics also announced that the Paris 2024 games will feature a historic 100% gender equality in its athlete quotas. There will be exactly 50% female and male participation in the next installment of summer events, surpassing that of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

In addition to new events and gender equality milestones, the IOC announced that the Paris games will feature about 500 fewer athletes and 10 fewer events.

Breakdancing, though new to the Olympic games, has been in the featured in a number Hollywood titles including Footloose, Step Up and Stomp the Yard.

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