December Sees More Than One Million New COVID-19 Cases Logged In First Five Days

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The post-Thanksgiving counts of new Covid-19 cases is soaring, as the long-dreaded “second wave” of infections is exploding.

More than one million new Covid-19 cases have been logged in US in the first five days of December, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The total number of US cases has now reached more than 14.5 million, with 281,199 deaths as of Saturday.

The soaring numbers have led to new restrictions across the US by governments in an effort to stop the runaway train of new cases. The latest figures do not even reflect transmissions that may have occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The new totals are reflected in a Tuesday through Saturday tally. During that period, Johns Hopkins claims, more than 1,000,882 new cases were reported in the US. 

In 13 hours on Sunday from midnight to 1 p.m. ET, the country saw 53,574 new cases — along with 327 deaths, about 25 people an hour.

The raw numbers reflect the highest hospitalization numbers since the pandemic began. The decreased intensive care availability has led to the new government restrictions in many states and cities.

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