Paley Center Names Jamitha Fields As VP Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement

Courtesy of the Paley Center for Media

EXCLUSIVE: The Paley Center for Media has announced that Jamitha Fields will step into the newly-created position of VP, Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement. This continues the Paley Center’s continued commitment in spotlighting underrepresented voices in media. Fields will report directly to Paley Center’s President & CEO, Maureen J. Reidy.

“Jamitha has been a valued member of The Paley Center for Media, and with her strong background and impressive leadership skills, I can’t think of a better person to step into this important position,” said Reidy. “The Paley Center has had a long-standing commitment to a diverse company culture and to presenting programming and education classes that shine a light on diverse voices within the media and television industry. The creation of this new position builds upon our continued commitment and strong foundation.”

“The Paley Center for Media has demonstrated a strong and ongoing commitment to providing a platform for diverse voices from all backgrounds, celebrating their impact, and increasing awareness about important diversity and inclusion issues facing our culture and society,” said Fields. “I am honored to be appointed to this position and look forward to building upon Paley’s strong commitment and continuing to grow and expand its respected programs and initiatives.”

As VP Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement, Fields will be responsible for the development and execution of the Paley Center’s diversity, inclusion, and engagement strategy. She will continue to develop and maintain close working relationships with individuals and organizations to drive engagement, participation, and support of Paley’s impactful Diversity and Inclusion programs. She will also work with Paley’s Human Resources department to create initiatives that attract, develop, and retain diverse talent, and will seek out opportunities that reinforce the organization’s values regarding diversity, inclusion, and engagement within the media industry.

For the past four years, Fields has been the Paley Center’s Vice President of Development and Client Services, where she was responsible for deepening the engagement of Paley’s community, providing the highest level of service to Paley members, as well as overseeing the organization’s top partnership initiatives that extend Paley’s brand and reach to diverse and new audiences.

Prior to joining the Paley Center, Fields served as Vice President of Community Affairs for Autism Speaks, where she managed the organization’s most critical relationships with businesses, top volunteers, individual donors, influencers, and external foundations to expand the organization’s portfolio. As an ambassador for Autism Speaks, Ms. Fields testified before a Congressional Panel for the House Committee on Appropriations in March 2014 and served as a respected spokesperson for the organization. She also oversaw Autism Speaks’s Early Access to Care program that sought to increase access to high-quality early intervention for children of color on the autism spectrum, which garnered her an award from the Autism Multicultural Project in June of 2014.  Fields began her career in media as a Page in the legendary NBC Page Program.

The Paley Center has honored diversity in media through the years via tributes, programs, exhibits and classes that recognize the groundbreaking achievements of Black, Hispanic, Women’s, and LGBTQ+ achievements. Through the PaleyIMPACT series, the Paley Center presents programs year-round that explore media’s powerful and shaping impact on society. Recent programs have included influential individuals including Ryan Murphy, Greg Berlanti, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Ana Cabrera, Jose Diaz-Balart, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Weijia Jiang, Omar Jimenez, and Derrick Johnson, among others. Additionally, the Paley Center’s education classes further examine the role media plays in covering important issues such as civil rights and social justice.

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