Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi And Jon Stewart Team For Covid-19 Prevention Ad


Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Jon Stewart have a message for New Jersey: “Wear a friggin’ mask!”

The admonition is part of the #MaskUpNJ ad campaign, sponsored by the New Jersey Pandemic Relief encourage Garden State residents to wear masks during the pandemic.

In a just-released ad, the three celebrities are depicted standing in front a barn door wearing masks. The billboard is located on the New Jersey Turnpike and was tweeted out on Wednesday by New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy.

“Teamed up with some fellow New Jerseyans to encourage everyone this holiday season to wear a friggin’ mask,” Springsteen tweeted. “Let’s all come together and #MaskUpNJ so we can get back to what we do best – singing along and dancing together.”

There were 4,073 new coronavirus cases and 50 coronavirus deaths in the state on Wednesday.

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