John Oliver Reveals Origin Of ‘Last Week Tonight’ Adam Driver Obsession To Seth Meyers

Screenshot via YouTube/NBC

Throughout the seventh season of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver introduced a running bit about actor Adam Driver. In nearly every episode he would admit his obsession with Driver and talked about the wildly inappropriate — and creepy — things he would want the Star Wars actor to do to him. It all came to a head when Driver appeared on the season finale — and it was quite funny. Nonetheless, where did this obsession come from? Oliver revealed the origin of the bit Wednesday night on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

“The initial seed was one of our writers writing a very weird joke out of absolutely nowhere,” Oliver told Meyers. “The water on the seed…was feeling real resistance from the audience. It felt like only 40 percent enjoyed it.”

Even though the audience wasn’t responding to it, Oliver doubled down and they did a callback a few weeks later. “They weren’t really happy to have it back,” he admitted. “So, at that point, it became something of an obsession in our staff.” From there it became a running bit much to the chagrin of the Last Week Tonight audience.

The Last Week Tonight team then reached out to Driver, who had heard of what Oliver was doing. He thought it was weird. The team asked if he would be game to make a cameo during the Season 7 finale and he was totally game.

The final episode of the season featured Oliver receiving a video phone call from Driver who was not too pleased with his creepy obsession. But after they hashed it out, Driver was forgiving.

Watch the interview between Oliver and Meyers above and take a look at Driver’s cameo on Last Week Tonight below.


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