Trevor Noah Talks About The Suspicious Lost Ballots And The Suspicions They Raise

Trevor Noah
Comedy Central

“What a rollercoaster,” Trevor Noah exclaimed in his Daily Social Distancing Show monologue. He refers, of course, to the ongoing battles over whether the presidential election was accurate, or the product of an overwhelming fraud.

Noah noted that Trump has claimed victory on Twitter in Michigan and Pennsylvania. “Congratulations, you’re the President of Twitter,” Noah said. But, he said, in real life, “Both those states are making like Melania and slapping his grubby little paws away.”

It is troubling, he said, that an election board in Detroit is making news, and it shows the general chaos of trying to recount every vote in every district.

“While it’s true that no one has turned up evidence of widespread fraud, in Georgia, they found 2,600 ballots that have not been counted. It shows you – elections aren’t perfect.”

He added: “You can’t deny that discovering thousands of votes weren’t counted – especially if your side lost,” is troubling. While Noah contends Trump is making up claims, he did allow, “but uncounted ballots make Trump look right.”

Watch the complete monologue below.

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