Trevor Noah & Jimmy Kimmel Tackle Trump’s Election Denial, Low Turn Out At MAGA March

Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel
The Daily Show/Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

Donald Trump, even after polls continue to show strong support for President-Elect Joe Biden, still hasn’t conceded the 2020 Presidential race. Instead he’s spreading baseless claims of voter fraud, incorrectly claiming victory and playing golf.

“I will say for all the talk about Trump being an aspiring dictator, this is some weak shit,” The Daily Show host Trevor Noah said on Monday night. “Like now is the time he should be taking over all the state capitals, installing new governors, arresting opposing leaders, doing all of that. Instead, he’s just sitting at home trying to manifest a win on Twitter like a little bitch.”

According to TV’s late night hosts, the current president seems to be failing at more than just the presidency. On Monday night Noah and Jimmy Kimmel took shots at Trump’s inability to wave his white flag and his supporters’ reluctance to accept the results of the 2020 election.

While poking fun at Trump and his fanbase’s accusations of voter fraud, Noah highlighted new reports that members of the president’s legal team seem to be withdrawing lawsuits against states with the so-called electoral illegality. With lawsuits slowly backing down, Noah said that Trump’s taking on more losses than he would’ve if he had just conceded.

“It’s almost like a miracle. You took one election loss and turned into a thousand losses,” he said “Yeah it’s exactly like a miracle but for losers.”

Kimmel also quipped about the president, mocking his “elect-tile dysfunction.” Like Noah, Kimmel joked about Trump’s fervent supporters, who held a rally during the weekend. As Trump seems to continue taking losses, his supporters continue the trend with only about 10,000 attendees present at the “Million MAGA March.”

The late night host joked that even Sean Spicer, whose count of Trump’s inauguration crowd didn’t quite match the real number of attendees, would have been more truthful about the crowd size after White House Secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed upwards of a million supporters showed up.

However, both the late night hosts were quick to joke about Trump’s online behavior. The president continues to tweet that he won the election, despite being flagged by the social media website for misinformation multiple times.

“If Donald Trump gets any more embarrassing, we’re going to have to start calling him Donald Jr.,” Kimmel joked.

But despite the president and his close circle’s attempts to update, undermine and disprove the outcome of the 2020 election, truth and democracy will prevail, Noah said.

“His lawyers clearly know the truth and the truth is that Trump lost the election, not because of voter fraud, but because people voted,” Noah added.

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