Stacey Abrams To Stephen Colbert: “Orange Menace Of Putrescence” Getting White House Eviction

Stacey Abrams on Stephen Colbert Late Show

With Georgia on our minds, who better to break down the blue break for the Peach State than Stacey Abrams? The woman who made her GOP opponent really nervous during the 2018 gubernatorial there was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight to discuss how the Democrats won Georgia, the state’s two crucial U.S. Senate races and more.

Host Colbert asked Abrams, who spearheaded a massive voter-registration and turnout campaign in the state, about when she realized that “there were enough votes out there that Georgia looked like it was gonna swing over to [Joe] Biden’s side.” She said it was Wednesday morning, the day after the election. “We had the numbers that we thought were coming from the remaining counties,” Abrams confided, and “it was the first time I’d woken up in November without curling into the fetal position first.”

Colbert also noted several “think pieces” in the media saying “the Democrats won — but did they really win?” Abrams answered quickly, and guess who she referenced? “Yeah, we really won,” she affirmed. “There is an orange menace of putrescence that will no longer be able to occupy the White House.” Cut to Colbert busily writin’ that one down…

Watch part of their conversation here:

Also on Late Show tonight is a new “Tooning Out the News” segment featuring
Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani making his latest election-fraud accusations at Four Seasons Total Landscaping — and the Lord’s Divine intervention. Watch a snippet here:

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