‘SNL’: ‘Weekend Update’ Anchors All Smiles At Prospects Of Never Having “To Listen To Donald Trump Ever Again”

Weekend Update
Saturday Night Live/NBCLive

With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris set to take on the White House after beating out Donald Trump and Mike Pence the for 2020 election, Saturday Night Live‘s Michael Che and Colin Jost can look forward to more than just a new administration.

During their latest “Weekend Update” installment, the hosts celebrated the Biden win by featuring various footage of street celebrations across the country and the world. The celebrations continued in studio 8H as the two SNL cast members reveled in the idea of never having to pay attention to Trump’s often outlandish claims and scandals.

“Pretty soon we will never have to listen to Donald Trump ever again,” Jost said. “We may want to listen for entertainment, but we don’t have to.”

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While Che said the day following the Saturday morning results likened the peaceful scene in The Shawshank Redemption where the prisoners take a break by drinking beer on the roof, Jost continued dunking on Trump’s eventual minimized news coverage, noting that “in three months Trump will just be another person spewing conspiracy theories.”

Joining the jolly “Weekend Update” anchors was Kate McKinnon’s Rudy Giuliani, who described the Trump administration’s so-called plan to co-opt the results of the 2020 election and render it fraudulent. McKinnon’s Giuliani said Trump’s advisors would go through the mail-in ballots and check which ones are tortillas by eating them.

McKinnon also gave an idea of what the former New York City Mayor and Trump’s personal lawyer may do once the former reality television star leaves the White House.

“I will be fine. I always land on my feet upside town from the ceiling,” she says. “I’ve got to get going to the Peninsula…(in) the Yucatan. You never saw me.”

Dave Chappelle hosted the latest SNL episode and Foo Fighters were the musical guest.

Watch the first part of the “Weekend Update” installment above, and the second part below.

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